Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eviction Notice!

Yep....I'm still pregnant, not really a surprise. Most first timers go 1-2 weeks overdue with no complications, and only 4% actually give birth on their due dates. I really think they should make due dates illegal though, as its just a false hope and then it gives people a reason to harrass you....have you popped? Are you still pregnant? Hurry up I'm impatient to see the baby!

First off people, whether you are family, best friends, strangers, or people I hardly know (those ones are the most annoying!) I'm pretty sure you have NO RIGHT to be impatient until you have carried the slug around for 9 months...except the daddy (or 2nd mommy) to be...since you likely have been to all the appointments, waited around for test results, rubbed every aching body part with no complaints, see the beauty in your partner when they look and feel their worst, and know when to say NOTHING, and when to say the right things. Asking if I have popped yet or if I'm still pregnant just adds to the "why aren't you coming out?" feeling I have right now, it's an unneccessary stress. No one is more excited about meeting this baby then the mama and dad!

Trust me, we are NOT going to go and give birth in secret and then not share with the world our excitement and new bundle of joy in our life. I promise pretty much as soon as this monkey pops out of me, you will find out! So don't remind me that I'm still pregnant, I have a giant belly doing that :P and squirming kid inside that I swear feels like a toddler at times!

Lastly, I know how to use google, and have read all the tips tricks and must do's. I don't need you to suggest "how to get this baby out" I have tried it all (except castor oil - gross) they really don't work and are just a way to pass time. You were right a few weeks ago when I was getting anxious and you said "just wait she will come when she is ready" - now you are impatient though hahaa....and yeah I said "you were right" not words I say often.

I may sound harsh and grouchy...and frankly I am grouchy right now...and I think I have every right to be, so not a peep! I understand that so many people are excited, anxious and just trying to be supportive and I love you dearly, and adore that we a bringing a little one into a world filled with so much love and excitement...but please understand that reminding me I'm still pregnant, huge and saying hurry beyond irritating, slightly depressing and just unneccessary.

And one final tip for those non pregnant people (whether you have been pregnant or not) remember that a pregnant women is still a person, a beautiful women that happens to be growing a gets old asking how the baby is or the belly...I can barely remember the last time someone asked how I am doing....and it is NEVER okay to tell someone how huge they are. I love my baby bump but it's not very friendly to let me know I'm huge.

This is not aimed at anyone in specific, for the most part I just hope strangers come across this most of the "annoying people" have been people I hardly know that are suddenly interested in my life. My family has actually been surprisingly patient and AMAZING, as have my closest friends... so don't feel like I am writing this aimed at you, it is just how I am feeling right now and something I feel everyone can benefit from "seeing thru the eyes of a preggo overdue mama to be"

In case you have noticed...yes I'm still pregnant ;) hahaa
Lots of love,

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Dianna said...

uh-oh, i think i might have done some of those "faux-pas"!!! if i did and i pissed u off, IM SORRY! :) love ya!