Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beach Baby


During my wedding planning days, I spent ALOT of time on a wedding forum, mostly in the destination wedding section. I eventually moved onto miscellaneous and hung out there where the topics were mostly random and fun, and sometimes off the wall hahaa.

Once we got pregnant, I made my way south in the forum down to their baby section (I had not even lurked in there - pre pregnancy, maybe I was scared of jinxing myself) anyhoo when I originally plugged my "LMP" into an online calculator it gave me a due date of Feb 19, we went with the 23rd as my cycles were a bit longer then 28 (as are most women off the pill) anyways. I joined a February Mommies group, and hung out there most of the my pregnancy, I was not overly stressed about other things going on, so I mostly lurked into other topics...and just stocked/stalked (?) my feb mama's hahaa ;) and babbled away getting to know some really lovely women. It was awesome to be experiencing everything right along with them, and know they understood me and vice versa, even if our symptoms or cravings were different. And I still hang out with the Feb mommies, in the new mom section now (can't believe their is a feb mommies group in the pregnancy section) I may be a march mama...but I feel at home with those mama's so it's where I hangout in the .com world ;)

At Christmas, I had the pleasure of meeting 3 of my "toronto/gta Feb Mama's" and I met up with them again to meet their babies, plus 2 other gta feb mama's and their babies when I was home in June.

One of the GTA mommies, came out to Vancouver a few weeks back and inspired the Vancouver area Feb mama's to finally get our butts together and meet and start a regular thing.

Phewww this is long winded to get out....every 2 weeks I now try to get together with 3 other mama's and their babies, who were all due in Feb.HAHA! Not only is it great to hang out with other mama's its great to be around other babies in the same age area as my monkey. Anyhoo this past tuesday was a beach and cupcake playdate (cupcakes for the mama's) however 2 of the mama's could not make it. So Tara, Lila, Skyla and myself met in White Rock for a couple hours of sandy salty wet fun :D

I have never been to white rock, but I quite like it. Very nice beach, good cupcakes what's not to like! I will be back again...likely next week, when James has a few days off.

Skyla and Lila laid on some blankets, ate some sand and before you know they got to experience the cold shock of salt water WAHOO! They both did not mind it that much, and even enjoyed laying out naked for awhile till the tide started coming in, and was getting the blankets soaked (no the tide was not actually ON the blankets, but seeping in UNDER the sand, if you know what I mean?) but it did come in might quickly. So in true Diva form Skyla started to get all woe is me, I taste like salt, I have sand stuck in my rolls and now I'm wet and let out the most ridiculous cry*

*she was also tired from not having a long nap that morning, so I'm not complaining just making fun*

and she convinced Lila to join in on her pity parade, so we had two diva's crying and the tide coming in mighty quick almost taking away our bags, sandals and ACK my the camera, forget about Skyla she will likely float ;) JUST KIDDING! So we called it a day, but will try it out again soon :)

Here are a few shots of the "little" ladies:
Her clothese got pretty wet, next time, maybe we will bring your cute bathing suit...but naked time is also fun ha!
Lila with a sandy face heheeHer 2nd dip to try and get some sand off.

Can you believe how big she is getting, she comfortably fits into some 12 month clothing, she is so dang tall!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Holy Canoly

It has been quite the whirlwind and I am kicking my ass now for not updating more frequently. I wanted to use this to look back and remember Skyla's first year, thankfully I have a memory book that is easy to jot it all down in.

So Skyla and I went to ontario in June to visit my parents, Tom and Heather (my inlaws) were also visiting Toronto area, so they stole Skyla and I a few times to show off their granddaughter to a few friends and family :D My little girl did really well with all the travel, she was a superstar on the plane, and did so well with long days of trekking around. Then the Presnail's joined us in Vancouver and spent a couple weeks in it's been a busy couple weeks with family. I loved every minute of it, and miss our family so much :(

I think I already mentioned that she learned to roll early June, she is no rolling towards both sides, took her about a month to figure out to roll to her right as well haha. She is also now rolling back to her, pivoting around and inch worm crawling. She is NEVER where I last left her (in her crib or on her blanket on the floor, she moves so much its crazy. Actually she is crazy strong, I think she has been sneaking spinach behind my back...either that or my breast milk is crazy iron rich ;) hahahaa. Yoga is her fortay, she can hold herself in a modified cat position (sort of frogged leg and chest off the ground on her elbows, she has also shown me the downward facing down, and can do the plank position no problem.

Emi is her best friend, she follows her as much as her head and body will allow...I am sure that Emi is the reason Skyla is "commando crawling" she will be chasing her in no time hehee. Today Skyla was full on laughing at Emi god it was hilarious. I have a couple videos to share instead of pictures!

And we also went camping this week with the little Miss, and she did awesome, it was not much different camping with her than last year without her.

Well I am sure I am missing a ton of things, but on to the fun stuff...videos of my chunky monkey!

This is in ontario playing peek-a-boo with Gramma

She was having a cranky morning, but Gramma cheered her up with some Bob Marley...every time this song played she would "sing along"