Monday, March 2, 2009

Like father like daughter

Or should I say like GRAND father like GRAND daughter. It seems that this little one (who is pretty content inside me ha) is already following in her grandpa Prosser's footstep...being late! She is a week "overdue" now and making it very obvious that we are on HER TIME...a motto my father lives by. Hahahaa!!

For a man of the military, he is always making us late, he likes to blame the woman of the house , but he is always the LAST one out of the bathroom, and the last one to the car when we are all trying to get somewhere...even though he insists on being up at 0-500 hours! Oh I love you pops!!!

And you know the saying "you marry a man like your dad" well more and more each day I see that for more reasons than punctuality. So yeah like my dad, when James and I need to get out of the house by a certain time, he is the last one ready! And like all men put the blame on the women of the house. So I get the blame for us being late, because while yes I take longer to get ready, its very rare that he is ready once I finally am ready (which is almost always at the time I planned to get out the door)

I know that won't be for much longer now though, I will be on babies schedule and late for everything, or making plans around her nap and feeding times.

James thinks tomorrow is a good day to have the baby 3rd day of the 3rd month and 3x3=9 and it is 2009. So everyone who reads this, send us some labour vibes!! :)

Love Callista
PS - I have some pictures to add...but my computer is being weird right now, so I'll be back :)

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