Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a busy week...lot's of excitement

It has been quite a busy month with 2 trips to the island in May, and then the first week of June was filled with lots of FIRST's for Skyla. Nick Dale came to Vancouver for a visit, it was not long enough and you need to come back soon, Skyla took a liking to Nick right away and gave him tons of smiles, and fell asleep in his arms on his last night here when we were out for dinner. He was staying at a friends condo, and there was a pool in the we took Skyla for her first swim, and she really seemed to enjoy the pool. Was not crazy happy and smiling, just very relaxed and content :) James was even brave enough to dunk her a few times and she was such a brave girl not one tear or upset peep about it (or the other 2 afterwards hehee)

She let out a couple of super cute giggles as well, which we managed to get on camera...I'm still waiting (patiently) for the continous giggles. But she seems to think its funny when I tell her "I love you" and talk in weird voices.

We also took her to the Vancouver Aquarium, and she enjoyed the tank with the sharks and giant sea turtle. She really is an amazing little person, so full of character and so laid back. We love going out with her cause she is almost always in a perfect mood, and when she fusses a bit its over within a few minutes (for the most part ;)!)

All week she has been lifting her legs and pivoting herself around the floor and her crib, and at night rolling onto her right side and sleeping on her side. Last night she was on her play mat and managed to roll herself over from back to front, and get her arm out...not so happy once on her belly (she likes tummy time sometimes, and other times hates it ha)....

So this morning I laid her down on the floor to see if she would do it again, but mostly she just wanted to hang out on her side, till she got really excited and kept rolling over, fuss that she was on her belly, flip her back to her back, and she would roll almost right away, get the picture, it was quite the up and down morning for me hahaa. Took me awhile to get these pictures and posts up (she is now sound asleep for a nap) She did roll from belly to I think accident on May 29th - has not done it since

Anyways I thought I would post a ton of pictures and videos, since I have been so busy and unable to stay on top of this blog. We head out to Ontario on monday, just Skyla and myself to visit my parents (Gramma D and Grampie D - we have two sets of grandparent P's, so since my parents are D-ale and D-iane it works as D's..I also call my mom, Mama Dee) anyhoo I am not sure if I will be bringing my laptop to update pictures while we are in ontario...but if not hopefully I will get online to type a bit.

I think she will be hitting lots of mini milestones this month. She was even trying to rambo crawl while on her belly today....not saying she will start crawling since most babies don't seem to until 7+months but who knows ;).

The light of our life!

Daddy and his girl Skyla Me and my angel

I love her so much :D
Our little family
Out for dinner with Aunt Megan
Feeding is a tiring task ;)
Skyla with Aunty Kita
And here with Uncle Nicky

Vancouver Aquarium

Waiting for the Beluga show Uncle Nicky, my mama and was HOT HOT day!
Inside trying to cool off...Aunty Kita is behind the camera
Ooooh a shark
Giant Sea turtle...he came right over to me and hung out for quite awhile
Jelly Fish
Dolphins, so pretty mama loved seeing them!
Daddy took some great shots
Uncle Nick thinking about cute I am :)
My silly Aunty, I love her
Time for lunch
Sea otter, I wanted to swim with him!

It was a great day, and I was on my best they are talking about taking me to the zoo! Mama really hates caged animals but me to learn about them :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Little Fishy - my first swim

Here I am admiring my giant bath tub!That's not so bad Dad, I love you...hold me tight please!Being a pool bum with my Uncle NickyDaddy is getting ready to dunk me here Where did you go?I can't see is that you Daddy?Okay that wasn't so bad, let's try it again :DPool Babies
Totally conked out after her swim...she slept a good 3 hours WAHOOO!