Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Party Tricks

Every day Skyla comes up with something to new to blow my socks off...almost literally for her new party trick.

Last night I was putting away her laundry and she pulled out a pair of bundled socks from the basket (hers) and sat on the floor with them motioning to her own foot, as though she was trying to put it on. I thought it was just a weird coincidence, a fluke or what have you. However this morning she did it again to her bundled socks as I was getting her dressed. I mentioned it my sister and she said she saw Skyla do it a couple days ago with one of her babylegs (leg warmers).

I can't quite grasp my head around it that my (almost) 11 month old knew that her BUNDLED socks go on her foot...especially since she is a notorious sock puller offer. I mean I think she is very smart (naturally) and she is very good with her hand coordination, but she wants nothing to do with socks normally, and she won't imitate a wave or clapping but she will imitate getting dressed. Hmmmm!

We have 3 other birthdays to attend to this coming month, her 3 buddies, and I was going through our pictures from playdates throughout the year, and was getting quite blubbery. I'm going to be a mess on March 3rd. Thank god we have 3 birthdays to practice my calm cool collected demeanor.

A toddler a real life toddler, granted she really is already there with her eating, walking, one nap a day, and tantrums when something is not HER way...but ONE. According to James she is zero not 11 months, so when she is 15 months she will just ONE to him ha. Having a one year old feels like a whole new world of responsibilities, no longer a baby and "easy". Oh boy!

Oh and she is really getting close to saying Mom, I am pretty sure what she is saying sounds more like muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum is directed at me, but I think it might be for Mmmmmilk lol, not just for ME ha. All day today she has been saying different variations of muuuuuuuuum and other M sounds, I was quite giddy. Even if it is just a "mom I need milk" sound, it's communication, since she has no interest in using her hands for sign language (or clapping or waving) vocal communication would be good :D

Just remembered another "party trick" she is doing lately...another imitation. Stomping her feet to music when we are sitting down and singing, hasn't grasped doing it while standing, but she will do it while sitting, so we stomp to music instead of clapping hehee. Sharon Lois and Bram is our favorite right.

Nighty Night!

Friday, January 15, 2010

**Pure Awesomeness**

Pure Awesomeness

For dinner tonight (on a whim, and craving) we had a family favorite...something we haven't had in awhile. Tacos, with my homemade shells (well mom's recipe, I can't take full credit)

As most know we have been following "Baby Led Weaning" as our philospophy with feeding Skyla. So she eats what we eat, if we eat out somewhere that I don't feel she should have (yet) like MacDonalds ;) I bring a healthier meal for her. That being said, she did get a MacDonald's pancake for breakfast today (along with 2 kiwi's)

The last time she had taco's, I just plopped the fillings on her tray and a soft shell beside it, she could pick and choose what she wanted to taste and play with. Tonight Skyla was getting a bit impatient with the making of dinner, so I got her into her highchair, gave her half a homemade taco shell with some refried beans in it, folded it in half to make a "bean quesadilla", I turned around to check on the shell I was cooking, looked back at her and she had managed to roll it into an actual taco/burrito shape (guess it was from how she grabbed it) that was probably the cutest thing I had ever seen. My 10 month old was eating a taco, rolled up like a stogey and chowing down (with her one half tooth) AWESOME. So for her second serving. I took the other half of the soft shell, slapped in some beans, guacomole, seasoned chicken and cheese, and rolled it up into a taco shape. Put the taco on her tray, and again, no problems no falling apart, she picked it up and went to town, eating it just the way you or I would.

I was so impressed I couldn't take my eyes off her...which meant I ate most of my tacos on the colder side hehee.

Skyla you just amaze me, with your walking and following me from room to room, your sarcastic laugh...that always seems so perfectly time to a bad joke (she laughs before anyone else, and with us ha) your eating skills. I feel like you are so grown up a tiny little body (with hardly any hair on your head) like a teenager stuck inside a small body hahaa.

Taco #1 Open Wide

Taco #1 Nom Nom Nom
Taco #2 Going in for bite
Taco #2 DelishAnd I got to say, it was not messy, there was no need for immediate plunking into a tub (and she ate NAKED, we are without a washing machine right now, and she is very low on her cloth diapers and I refuse to pay for disposables they aren't cheap! So she sat naked in her highchair on a "burp cloth" pretty sure they are actually flatfold style diapers) there were no bits of food where they should be ;) ha

Friday, January 1, 2010

Stick to it!

I don't always make such grand resolutions, because I am so bad at sticking to a plan. But this year I have a major dire need to stick to it, and LOT'S of amibition/reason.

Care to hear my new years resolutions? Yes plural!

1 - stop swearing so much
Skyla has really taken to imitating familar phrases...such as peek-a-boo, good girl, and thank you. No one would understand her when she repeats me or Gramma, but it's always the same "word" for each phrase so she is definitely trying....uhm hello kid, don't you know MOMMY, is suppose to be one of your first words ;) hehee. She only says "muuuum" when whining ha. This rule applies to James and my sister as well, since they are around her every freaking day :P

2 - Eat healthy lunches
Or a lunch in general. I tend to skip it, and snack through out the day, grabbing a handful of this or that, and not usually "healthy options" not super bad either, just not well rounded. And then come dinner I eat enough for 3 people.

3 - Loose 10-15 lbs.
I'm sure I will get flagged for this from friends and family. But I stepped on the scale the other day and I am 5 lbs heavier than I was a few months ago...and I still had 10 pregnancy lbs to loose. So that makes 15 lbs heavier then pre-preg. I'm very giggly, and rolly on the tummy, and my thighs...yikes. I want to feel good about my body and be proud of it. Plus I will soon have a toddler to chase after...I need my cardio in check ;) and I DO NOT want to get pregnant again before I feel better about my shape, but I want to expand our family. So that is a huge motivation there :D

4 - Be nicer to James
I tend to loose my patience with him at the end of the day. In my defense (a bit) he does purposely push on my buttons sometimes, or do things to purposely bug me (and he knows that and is working on it as his resolution) I'm exhausted by the time he drags his butt home from work, and have very few patience left. I know it's not an excuse, which is why I want to be nicer, less sarcastic and enjoy those evening kisses a little longer :) I love him so much and do NOT want to become a couple with "an elephant in the room"

5 - Walk Emi EVERY DAY, my poor dog has been deprived since Skyla came, and mat leave started. She used to get three 30-60 minute walks a day. And she used to get much more socializing, by coming on some of my dog walks for work, and neighborhood dogs, shiba meetups and dog playdates. We have moved away from our neighborhood and dog park she once knew, her friends have moved, a baby entered our pack and a tired mom has struggled with those morning walks. Emi, I promise you more walks, and at least one playdate a month!

Well duty calls in the form of cleaning!

Happy New Year!!! I hope you are excited for 2010 as I am.