Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tick Tock

I'm now considered full term (37 weeks) which means...if baby comes anytime now she will perfectly healthy, but it's also likely I will go overdue being a first pregnancy. Here's hoping I have my mom's genes and baby comes on her expiry date (I was born on my due date, and I believe my sister was 2 days early)

The belly is just ballooning out more and more everyday I swear, mama and Nik you two will be so shocked when you see me in.....14 days! Even James now says "your belly is so big!" he does not usually notice a difference since he see's it everyday ha. Yesterday my body was extremely achey, lower back and LOT'S of cramping and pressure in the lady bits area...pretty sure it was a small preview of what's to come *false contractions. But I have no clue, I'm one of those people that does not realize what's going on with their body until it's happening in 10 fold...everytime I read a description of fasle labour, or braxton hicks contractions, vs real labour I think "how the hell do you know" and then I read about plenty of women who don't think they are in real labour and are suddenly 5 cms dialted. Not that I'm complaining...I think that would actually be beneficial (half way there and you did not realize it...sign me up!) Hahaa.

James and I have been getting together all the neccessities we need to have on hand for a homebirth (the midwife brings all the medical stuff of course) and are now checking out some stuff for a waterbirth (our tub is not that big) there is also a store in town you can order from for a GREAT price (cheaper then renting if you can believe it) he is very into the water birth...actually he is very into the whole birth, labour, delivery and doing it at home in general...he is NOT into watching whats happening down there haha and has been scarred by some of the videos I have made him witness LMAO! But I really think he is going to be an amazing coach through this experience.

No new belly picture yet, its to early for that. But I got this super cute gift from a very good friend of mine Jennifer (we have known each other since we were 7, and have not seen each other since we were 12 and have managed to keep in touch for that long) she is the sweetest girl I know and was in Barbados for christmas when she found out I was having a girl and could not resist picking up something with a little pink in it. Thank you so much for the gift we love it :)

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