Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quite the comparison

Same shirt...10 weeks later hehee.

We had our 37 week midwife appointment today, with Julia who is super awesome, so laid back and calming...we both just love her. Baby Ziggy's heartrate was around 160, her head is quite a bit lower from last week...basically she is getting locked and loaded haha, but of course Julia said it could still be another month almost (lord I hope not!) Most first times mom go past their due date. My GBS test came back negative, wahoo! Now I just need to go get my iron levels checked again (I have been on this nasty liquid iron for 2 weeks now, and feeling way less tired so it was definitly needed) but everything is looking super awesome and healthy :)

Just a mini update today...I know I usually write novels ha!

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