Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can you believe....

It's february already?

It feels like it was just July/August and I was preparing to say good by to Tom and Heather (my wonderful other parents - inlaws who are now in Singapore) was thinking of when we could get a few more camping trips in, and trying to absorb the very short summer we had weather wise. Back then February felt so far away, but man the fall and winter has just zipped by. And now I am back to thinking about camping and summer ;) hehee well it's true does not consume all areas, although the camping and summer thoughts involve baby friendly adventures!
Back to more realistic and "present" affairs...I'm done work - as of yesterday :) it was sort of bittersweet, I love my job and my boss and *most of the dogs I see, but I knew my body and mind needs this time to just reflect and rest. However never did I think I would find myself thinking "what should I do today" and sort of feel antsy about just laying low alone and relaxing (because I am a huge fan of vegging!) of course in between browsing the internet and drooling over the cooking channel, I had to find something to occupy my time and feel like I got something checked off the ever growing to do list!
I cleaned out and re-organized our storage room, now not so frightening like a bomb went off in there. I tidied up James' messy office, and cleaned out the spare room and semi set it up with stuff for when Nikita arrives...I felt like I was taking it easy and not overdoing, but my cervix had another idea and decided to throw at me a crapload of braxton hicks contractions, or fake not sure if they are the same or what the heck. But I know it was not the real need to worry there is no baby here yet!
I have been obsessed with sort of "unique" portraits and couple shots...not your typical posed smile for the camera stuff....more special and personal like boudoir, happy lovey couple ones, and of course maternity. Stuff that captures a special time in your life. Anyhoo I would love to get some maternity pictures done, before this baby shows herself ha...but it's just not doable finacially this time around. So I made James take a couple shots lastnight and played around on photoshop since obviously the originals were far from "pretty"...and I realized how long its been since I have used photoshop and have forgotten EVERYTHING I knew about photo editing (yikes that SUCKS!) So needless to say the end results were not super awesome, but it was fun anyways. I will only post one as I'm sure they are a wee risque looking for some viewers hahaa.

And here is a more official belly shot, at 37 weeks and 2 days. It's taking over!!!

Love always,


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