Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ambleside Beach

On sunday I met with my friend Jen and her sheebs Koshi, and Alissa and her family with Pan Pan. We went to Ambleside dog beach in West Vancouver, Emi had a great 3.5 hours of running and chasing anyone who was willing to join her :D

Emi loves to play with big dogs, the bigger the better, she was trying to get in on the fun with this leonberger and yellow lab
One of these things is not like the other...Cotton, Koshi and Pan Pan
The 3 amigo's Koshi, Panny and Emi
Doing what shibas do best....digging, at least its here and not my backyard...this is why she is supervised outside ha!Koshi.....Emi is that you in Giant size??? I though Shiba's hated water....apparently only bath water :D

Thursday, July 3, 2008

More of Monday

These are more pictures from Spanish Banks!

Emi yet again, eating Cotton! Ha Bugs View!

Fred Flinstone...twinkle toes of frisbee Sun tastes good, after a long day of work!
My husbands words not mine....You know in the rice fields the hats they wear. cutey clueless cotton.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ball of Fire!

Hanging out at Kits Dog Beach last night The 3 pups we had in tow, Emi, Farley and Cotton
Man the views on the west coast are just amazing! I love when the mountains look like a painting sort of water colored or shadows like below (this is at Spanish Banks)
Sun setting on the ocean
Emi eating Cotton's arm....she says it tastes like chicken!

It seems that summer has finally shown her beautiful face in Vancouver BC, June was ugly and cold, and making me contemplate whether I should move back to Ontario for the summer ha. I spent Saturday afternoon, to early evening at the beach with my awesome landlords, and another couple (I was the fifth wheel...pretty sure they only invited me for my bocce ball set and coleman grill just kidding) Either way who cares, I HAVE A TAN!!! James is horrified with my tanlines, and does not seem to remember me having any in past summers, or when were in Dominican! Sunday I packed Cotton Emi and some snacks into the car, picked up James from work, and we spent the afternoon at Spanish Banks, a dog friendly beach, with gorgeous views and lots of grassy areas, the downside the bathrooms are so far away in the non friendly/offleash area...why do dog owners get the crap end of the stick! Hehee Last night was another beautiful evening so we ate an early dinner and headed to Kits Dog Beach, brought a 3rd dog, Farley with us, and let the beasts have fun before we headed over to Spanish banks to meet our friend Trevor, to play bocce ball, when we realized we had forgotten Bocce at home ha. So they improvised with a game of cruddy frisbee (very cheap beat up dog frisbee) and I enjoyed the amazing sunset and snapped away some pictures. It has been a very long time since I have used an SLR, well at least the manual option, so I am slowly trying to relearn techniques I think I need to pick up an idiots guide to Digital Photography. It's so hard to not post 100 pictures since I can never pick which are the best and feel they all are part of story. I need to find an online photo storing program so I can share our albums that way...I know there are lots out there, but I am trying to find which one I prefer.