Sunday, February 15, 2009

Visitors :)

DIANNA - I AM NOT IN LABOUR! Don't worry I will message you right away, mid contractions I will get an email, text, facebook message something to you, if baby decides to not wait till you are back!

Just had to clear the air for her ;) although I am sure she is far to busy in Australia to be checking my wee little blog often, but she has demanded that I wait till she gets home and for about a month or more she has been "omg she's in labour" everytime I send her a text or a message....crazy much haha. I love you Di!

Mama and Nikita fly in tonight, we are so excited to have them visit (and really wish Dad was joining them, James keeps saying "I bet he is coming, maybe they will surprise us!") I woke up to him NOT saying "good morning I love you" but instead "no more sleeps, they come today" LMAO Sometimes I think he loves my family more than he loves me, or he married me just to be related to them, but I guess he could say the same thing about me towards his family (we start counting down the days for the Presnail's arrival March 1)

This is a pretty pointless and photoless post, I will add a picture tonight/tomorrow morning when James is around to take a belly shot of me now 39 weeks. 1 week till expiration...when I can officially start complaining.

Right now my complaining is that everything seems way to normal and easy...a week ago I was super crampy and achey and miserable and thought "wahoooo the end is near, I can see a light" and now normal- sleep still sucks and my back aches while in bed, but thats normal in my I feel sort of like I backtracked what is up with that...give me sign please!

Oh and my brillant husband asked me last night "Can't you just push to help get her down further, help show her the way out?" The look I gave him was are you kidding? But apparently he was serious hehee silly boy...NO I cannot push her out yet! He insisted I at least try, and I thought if I try I might pee right here on this couch, so I am not going there!

Also a Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to my amazing Mama, thanks for flying out on your special day....we will celebrate all week...I won't even make you cook tomorrow ;)

Only about 7 more hours till we pick up the relatives yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Lots of love

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