Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daddy's Little Guppy!

Yayyyyy! James finally felt little Ziggy kicking tonight! I called him over to see if he could feel some of the kicks, and he sat on the floor with the most concentrated look on his...determined much...so concentrated that he forgot to stick his tongue out hahaa, those who know him well know this is one of his "traits" while deep in thought. He was telling me to stop BREATHING, and laughing cause I kept giggling, I said it will just sort of feel like a fish fin when the fish is out of water (yeah weird description...but true to me!) The first kick/punch he was convinced it was me, but I assured him I may be superwomen, but I cannot make my insides jolt like that, the second one Ziggy/Baby P made sure to make it more clear "It's me in here Daddy!" and his hand jumped off my belly and his eyes went huge and lit up, like a little kid it was priceless...almost like a 6 year old witnessing the coolest of magic tricks. I wish I had it on film, I just started laughing and was quickly hushed so he could try and feel more...but Ziggy decided to rest.

This is a similar expression that James had when he felt his little Monkey!

Our babies nicknames so far in case you can't keep up hahaa are :


Baby P

and recently Ziggy, when I suggested it as a girls name (we have very few girls names picked out that we are sold on) he pretty much veto'd it right away...but then started calling Baby P Ziggy as a nickname (go figure ha) its good and gender neutral and more namelike than peanut or baby P so I LIKE IT! hehee

Well off to bed, hopefully the critter rests cause it's moving around lots this evening!

Love ya, Callista

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Tomorrow is my Dad's 48th birthday, so I wanted to send a big shout out since I did not send a card or gift (oops...but hey you get a grandbaby soon, that has to be the best gift out there hehee) Hope you have a fantastic day, and Mama makes you a delish meal, she told me about the cake...and I said she better make me one for my "birthday" in December when I am home hahaa. Love you and miss you so much Dad!

Baby P has been moving up a storm the past few days, I feel like there is a little alien inside me...its not very dramatic moves, still sort of like a goldish is swimming around, well something a bit bigger than a goldfish, maybe a guppy ha!

This picture is from last sunday, but for those who missed out on my facebook update this is the belly as of 22 weeks (23 weeks along now) not much growth in a week :)

We had a shiba howl-o-ween party on saturday, Emi went as her alias that she has come to be known as at the meetups "Shark Puppy" I will post some shiba party pics once I upload them.

And Mom season 3 of Prison Break is CRAZYYYY I just want the show to end, I want answers hahaaa.

Oooh and a shout out to my very good friends Chad and Kristin, the new Mr and Mrs Mueller, who were married the past saturday. Congrats guys we can't wait to see you in December, hope you are having an amazing honeymoon, looking forward to seeing the pics!

Love and Miss you


Monday, October 13, 2008

Yayyy ultrasound pictures

Wahoo I was able to change the format of our ultrasound picture to post it here!

In the first pic(top left) you can see Baby P's face, eyes, nose and mouth, looks a little ghoulish heheee. And then the typical side profile shots of our little Angel. Heather my mother in law thinks Baby P shares the same head as me, I really hope my head is not that out of proportion hahaa.

This is from September 30, I was just over 19 weeks, so the baby is 17 weeks old here.

I am trying to figure out a fun cute halloween costume, any ideas.

Here are some of the ideas I have come across, if you want to vote for your favorite leave a comment (those who do not have a blog account can probably leave a comment as a guest) and feel free to leave a suggestion...
1 - Cat, with my belly painted like fish bowl
2 - Pea pod, green outfit with a slit at the belly to be the "pea"
3 - Treasure Troll, nude colored outfit with a jewel at the navel teased and colored hair
4 - Black outfit with skeleton bones painted on, and a baby skeleton on the belly
5 - Juno and her boyfriend (from the movie, if I can convince James to wear SHORT basketball shorts hahaa)
6 - James as a milkman, and me as a 50's housewife, and a milk mustache "the milk mans baby!" I might have to stuff since my belly is not that obvious yet
Sooooo??? Any thoughts?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Half way there!

I cannot believe I have made it to the half way mark (20 weeks) already. Time flies by way to quickly, before I know we will be celebrating this little munchkins 2nd birthday hehee. Speaking of birthdays, Emi is turning one on November 2...again time is just zipping by, we brought her home January 1st, it can't have been 9 months already (ironic that its 9 months...something about 9 months seems to speedy) Well I would be posting an ultrasound picture from last week, however James scanned it at work and saved it as a TIFF, which means no where recognizes it, not facebook not photobucket, not my blog...honestly who says images as TIFF's! Geessh

Here are some new belly shots, I have been feeling Baby P wiggle around lots, it still just sort of feels like tummy grumbles or something, but I know my stomach has been shoved up higher and felt real tummy grumbles the other day so I can definitly tell the difference now :D

Last week I was feeling like my belly had shrunk hehee, but this picture just shows me its THERE! I'm in desperate need of new shirts, but am trying to hold out shopping until the end of the month when Dianna and I go over to the border to do some serious shopping wahoooo!

And we did not find out the sex of baby at the ultrasound, I think its become a new standard/law in BC that they will not tell you unless you are at least 20 weeks, and I was only 19, so she did not even ask us if we wanted to know. But the guessing game is fun, last week I kept having boy vibes, but this week its been girl vibes, my mother intuition obviously is not that great yet ha! Oh and I guess I should also mention that my midwife called and said that everything is looking good and healthy!

Love and miss you all,