Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Funny Valentine!

Skyla has been giving kisses for a couple months now, and they are much more regular now. I would say 80% of the time I ask for a kiss she gives me one (she is even starting to close her mouth...less slobber yay) of course 79% of that is when it's just us so I look like a liar when I tell people she gives kisses and she refuses to in public haha.

The funniest ones are after nursing, she almost always comes up to kiss me, and out pops a burp....thanks monkey!

But today was the most special valentines present from my baby girl. She was done nursing and just being a cling on, so I unlatched her and she laid her head on my chest blinking off her sleepy's and kept looking up at me so calm and beautifully. I stood up to say good night, I love you and give her hugs...she kept her rested on my chest and then looked up at me and reached up for kiss. Placed her head back on my chest and then repeated 4 times while I held back from sobbing. It was the first time she initiated such a sweet sincere kiss with so much effort.

God she is beautiful, I can't wait when that goodnight kiss is followed by "I wuv you, mama, nigh nigh"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1 month left

before toddler-dom.....dum dum dum!

Let's start with pictures this time :D

Getting into mischief in the bathroom, she loves the drain (gross) and 2nd best is her bottle of body/hair wash
Got to love the outfit eh ;) At least her cloth diaper matches her sweater, the headbands and leggings, well they don't match anything here ha (and her cat, her lovey in the background, I guess this was after a nap, she ALWAYS pulls her cat through the crib bars after changing her diaper after sleep)

I'm only keeping this headband on, because this soap taste so good and I'm to preoccupied to rip this silly thing off my head...don't worry in 5 minutes it will be gone!
Health Baby

Last week, James was VIOLENTLY ill all through the night. I woke up with cramps and feeling like if I moved I would hurl everywhere...and thought it must just be "womenly things" (I was waiting for my second post partum period, so I was expecting cramps) however I to had to run to the bathroom. And we both were in and out of the bathroom for most of the early-early morning. I was not nearly half, heck not even a third as sick as James (poor guy...I do joke that men are complete wimps when it comes to being sick, but he did have it bad) I kept praying that Skyla would not wake up sick, that we had food poisoning from questionable bacon that we had at dinner, that Skyla did NOT eat. But at 3:30 she woke up crying and I knew something was up.

Sure enough she had been sick in her crib, so I changed the sheets cleaned her head (she got it nowhere but the sheets and her hair hehee) and we went and played in the living room while daddy and I moaned on the couches. I couldn't believe how happy she was...she played till about 4:30 when I nursed her and put her back to bed. I was so scared I would be dealing with a very sick baby and what do you do when they are that sick. James actually said "Callista we need to go to the hospital I can't take care of her", wimps, wimpy men (this is why we give birth, we nurse, we deal with periods and growing boobs, and burning highlights, and tight pantyhose and the list goes one, women are awesome!) Anyhoo the rest of the day she was her normally happy self and not sick, she had a couple of weird poops but nothing like what I was expecting and no more puking. She didn't seem hungry for "big girl foods" but she nursed lots.

I don't know if it's good genes (jeans hehee) or if she falls into the "healthy breastfed baby" statistic...but I can't help but be proud that she has not been sick this winter. Whenever I thought she might be getting a cold the symptoms magically disappeared within 12 hours. Proud that maybe I am the reason behind it...whether it's my genes, my boob juice, or my great cooking I don't know. But I do know I feel very proud that she hasn't yet been sick, and when we her mommy and daddy were very ill she rocked it out happily being her awesome self.

Speaking of healthy home cooked meals, she suddenly has a big love for steamed broccoli..she used to be meh to broc but loved cauliflower ha. She can chow down on a "tree" of broccoli like noones business. S even had some cold/room temp for lunch the other day and devoured it. Her and her one little tooth, taking on a whole piece of broccoli...go girl. Today's dinner was asparagus, cauliflower and brussel sprouts, steak and mash potato's. She was not as into the steak as last time...funny how one day she loves something and the next it's of no interest. I guess that's the joys of being a mom, just when you think you understand your child they change ;)