Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eviction Notice!

Yep....I'm still pregnant, not really a surprise. Most first timers go 1-2 weeks overdue with no complications, and only 4% actually give birth on their due dates. I really think they should make due dates illegal though, as its just a false hope and then it gives people a reason to harrass you....have you popped? Are you still pregnant? Hurry up I'm impatient to see the baby!

First off people, whether you are family, best friends, strangers, or people I hardly know (those ones are the most annoying!) I'm pretty sure you have NO RIGHT to be impatient until you have carried the slug around for 9 months...except the daddy (or 2nd mommy) to be...since you likely have been to all the appointments, waited around for test results, rubbed every aching body part with no complaints, see the beauty in your partner when they look and feel their worst, and know when to say NOTHING, and when to say the right things. Asking if I have popped yet or if I'm still pregnant just adds to the "why aren't you coming out?" feeling I have right now, it's an unneccessary stress. No one is more excited about meeting this baby then the mama and dad!

Trust me, we are NOT going to go and give birth in secret and then not share with the world our excitement and new bundle of joy in our life. I promise pretty much as soon as this monkey pops out of me, you will find out! So don't remind me that I'm still pregnant, I have a giant belly doing that :P and squirming kid inside that I swear feels like a toddler at times!

Lastly, I know how to use google, and have read all the tips tricks and must do's. I don't need you to suggest "how to get this baby out" I have tried it all (except castor oil - gross) they really don't work and are just a way to pass time. You were right a few weeks ago when I was getting anxious and you said "just wait she will come when she is ready" - now you are impatient though hahaa....and yeah I said "you were right" not words I say often.

I may sound harsh and grouchy...and frankly I am grouchy right now...and I think I have every right to be, so not a peep! I understand that so many people are excited, anxious and just trying to be supportive and I love you dearly, and adore that we a bringing a little one into a world filled with so much love and excitement...but please understand that reminding me I'm still pregnant, huge and saying hurry beyond irritating, slightly depressing and just unneccessary.

And one final tip for those non pregnant people (whether you have been pregnant or not) remember that a pregnant women is still a person, a beautiful women that happens to be growing a gets old asking how the baby is or the belly...I can barely remember the last time someone asked how I am doing....and it is NEVER okay to tell someone how huge they are. I love my baby bump but it's not very friendly to let me know I'm huge.

This is not aimed at anyone in specific, for the most part I just hope strangers come across this most of the "annoying people" have been people I hardly know that are suddenly interested in my life. My family has actually been surprisingly patient and AMAZING, as have my closest friends... so don't feel like I am writing this aimed at you, it is just how I am feeling right now and something I feel everyone can benefit from "seeing thru the eyes of a preggo overdue mama to be"

In case you have noticed...yes I'm still pregnant ;) hahaa
Lots of love,

Friday, February 20, 2009

The sun is shining

and I think we may see a light at the end of the tunnel ;) My midwife appointment was hopeful yesterday, I won't get into all the gory details hahaa. But there is some progress down does not guarantee that we will see a baby soon, but its hope heehee.

Nikita took some really lovely shots yesterday, we have not edited any of them yet, but I could not resist sharing a few. Hoping to get some with James tomorrow, but also hoping baby decides to come tonight hahaa. Maybe the show will get started after Nikita takes a few pics of us tomorrow morning, hopefully the sun is out again!

And no I did not swallow a watermelon hahaa! But I did gain 2 lbs in a week, hopefully thats me and not baby haha.

Monday, February 16, 2009

39 weeks

1 week till she expires, and I start pulling all the silly tricks to try and get her out...spicy food, long walks, hot baths, castor oil (barf...I will never be that desperate ha)

As promised a new belly shot, I swear there is only one in there, and hopefully much smaller than it looks :D

The torpedo
And with Colby Cat

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Visitors :)

DIANNA - I AM NOT IN LABOUR! Don't worry I will message you right away, mid contractions I will get an email, text, facebook message something to you, if baby decides to not wait till you are back!

Just had to clear the air for her ;) although I am sure she is far to busy in Australia to be checking my wee little blog often, but she has demanded that I wait till she gets home and for about a month or more she has been "omg she's in labour" everytime I send her a text or a message....crazy much haha. I love you Di!

Mama and Nikita fly in tonight, we are so excited to have them visit (and really wish Dad was joining them, James keeps saying "I bet he is coming, maybe they will surprise us!") I woke up to him NOT saying "good morning I love you" but instead "no more sleeps, they come today" LMAO Sometimes I think he loves my family more than he loves me, or he married me just to be related to them, but I guess he could say the same thing about me towards his family (we start counting down the days for the Presnail's arrival March 1)

This is a pretty pointless and photoless post, I will add a picture tonight/tomorrow morning when James is around to take a belly shot of me now 39 weeks. 1 week till expiration...when I can officially start complaining.

Right now my complaining is that everything seems way to normal and easy...a week ago I was super crampy and achey and miserable and thought "wahoooo the end is near, I can see a light" and now normal- sleep still sucks and my back aches while in bed, but thats normal in my I feel sort of like I backtracked what is up with that...give me sign please!

Oh and my brillant husband asked me last night "Can't you just push to help get her down further, help show her the way out?" The look I gave him was are you kidding? But apparently he was serious hehee silly boy...NO I cannot push her out yet! He insisted I at least try, and I thought if I try I might pee right here on this couch, so I am not going there!

Also a Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to my amazing Mama, thanks for flying out on your special day....we will celebrate all week...I won't even make you cook tomorrow ;)

Only about 7 more hours till we pick up the relatives yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Lots of love

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quite the comparison

Same shirt...10 weeks later hehee.

We had our 37 week midwife appointment today, with Julia who is super awesome, so laid back and calming...we both just love her. Baby Ziggy's heartrate was around 160, her head is quite a bit lower from last week...basically she is getting locked and loaded haha, but of course Julia said it could still be another month almost (lord I hope not!) Most first times mom go past their due date. My GBS test came back negative, wahoo! Now I just need to go get my iron levels checked again (I have been on this nasty liquid iron for 2 weeks now, and feeling way less tired so it was definitly needed) but everything is looking super awesome and healthy :)

Just a mini update today...I know I usually write novels ha!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can you believe....

It's february already?

It feels like it was just July/August and I was preparing to say good by to Tom and Heather (my wonderful other parents - inlaws who are now in Singapore) was thinking of when we could get a few more camping trips in, and trying to absorb the very short summer we had weather wise. Back then February felt so far away, but man the fall and winter has just zipped by. And now I am back to thinking about camping and summer ;) hehee well it's true does not consume all areas, although the camping and summer thoughts involve baby friendly adventures!
Back to more realistic and "present" affairs...I'm done work - as of yesterday :) it was sort of bittersweet, I love my job and my boss and *most of the dogs I see, but I knew my body and mind needs this time to just reflect and rest. However never did I think I would find myself thinking "what should I do today" and sort of feel antsy about just laying low alone and relaxing (because I am a huge fan of vegging!) of course in between browsing the internet and drooling over the cooking channel, I had to find something to occupy my time and feel like I got something checked off the ever growing to do list!
I cleaned out and re-organized our storage room, now not so frightening like a bomb went off in there. I tidied up James' messy office, and cleaned out the spare room and semi set it up with stuff for when Nikita arrives...I felt like I was taking it easy and not overdoing, but my cervix had another idea and decided to throw at me a crapload of braxton hicks contractions, or fake not sure if they are the same or what the heck. But I know it was not the real need to worry there is no baby here yet!
I have been obsessed with sort of "unique" portraits and couple shots...not your typical posed smile for the camera stuff....more special and personal like boudoir, happy lovey couple ones, and of course maternity. Stuff that captures a special time in your life. Anyhoo I would love to get some maternity pictures done, before this baby shows herself ha...but it's just not doable finacially this time around. So I made James take a couple shots lastnight and played around on photoshop since obviously the originals were far from "pretty"...and I realized how long its been since I have used photoshop and have forgotten EVERYTHING I knew about photo editing (yikes that SUCKS!) So needless to say the end results were not super awesome, but it was fun anyways. I will only post one as I'm sure they are a wee risque looking for some viewers hahaa.

And here is a more official belly shot, at 37 weeks and 2 days. It's taking over!!!

Love always,


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tick Tock

I'm now considered full term (37 weeks) which means...if baby comes anytime now she will perfectly healthy, but it's also likely I will go overdue being a first pregnancy. Here's hoping I have my mom's genes and baby comes on her expiry date (I was born on my due date, and I believe my sister was 2 days early)

The belly is just ballooning out more and more everyday I swear, mama and Nik you two will be so shocked when you see me in.....14 days! Even James now says "your belly is so big!" he does not usually notice a difference since he see's it everyday ha. Yesterday my body was extremely achey, lower back and LOT'S of cramping and pressure in the lady bits area...pretty sure it was a small preview of what's to come *false contractions. But I have no clue, I'm one of those people that does not realize what's going on with their body until it's happening in 10 fold...everytime I read a description of fasle labour, or braxton hicks contractions, vs real labour I think "how the hell do you know" and then I read about plenty of women who don't think they are in real labour and are suddenly 5 cms dialted. Not that I'm complaining...I think that would actually be beneficial (half way there and you did not realize it...sign me up!) Hahaa.

James and I have been getting together all the neccessities we need to have on hand for a homebirth (the midwife brings all the medical stuff of course) and are now checking out some stuff for a waterbirth (our tub is not that big) there is also a store in town you can order from for a GREAT price (cheaper then renting if you can believe it) he is very into the water birth...actually he is very into the whole birth, labour, delivery and doing it at home in general...he is NOT into watching whats happening down there haha and has been scarred by some of the videos I have made him witness LMAO! But I really think he is going to be an amazing coach through this experience.

No new belly picture yet, its to early for that. But I got this super cute gift from a very good friend of mine Jennifer (we have known each other since we were 7, and have not seen each other since we were 12 and have managed to keep in touch for that long) she is the sweetest girl I know and was in Barbados for christmas when she found out I was having a girl and could not resist picking up something with a little pink in it. Thank you so much for the gift we love it :)