Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tiny Little Person

First I will start with some pictures, since I have neglected adding pictures in awhile, these are from 2 weeks ago.

Being a cheeky monkey and pulling out all the DVD's...the day after we decided mounting the stand to the wall would be wise. Ironic timing?
Playdate with her best friends
Stealing toys!When I had Skyla and kept hearing about solids and when to start and how to serve it I was getting extremely overwhelmed and so stressed over what was the right way to do it. Before I had her I knew I wanted to make my own baby food, but I had no idea that their were so many "rules to follow" and they all seem so confusing and so many ways contradict the other. I stumbled across a forum talking about Baby Led Weaning and clicked to see what it meant...I clicked because I knew I was not going to set a date for weaning Skyla and that I would/will let her decide when she is done with nursing. So I thought this forum was support for it, until I started reading and quickly learned it was a way of introducing solids to your baby.

No spoon feeding, no measuring, no rules really....I immediately felt such relief. There was no criticism and no guilt. It seemed like a lot of stress would be avoided. The one stress upon starting this "baby eats what we eat" style of feeding was choking, gagging and appropriate sizes (no teeny tiny finger foods to start, but big whole pieces) and of course making sure I am making healthy meal choices, no frozen dinners (not that I do much of that anyways)

Anyways it has been going really well, she has gagged on a few things that made her throw up a bit (toast and brocolli) but she goes back for more and I have avoided gray hair! But I think maybe she just was not quite ready. She still mostly plays and makes a big mess of herself, not much of a mess on the walls and floor (yet) but it really amazes me to watch her handle the food, get it to her mouth...and the fascinating part MOVING it around inside her mouth, I can her tongue move pieces of food from side to side, and see her chew it with gums. I have started to add small pieces into the mix to help her pincer grip develop, and that took no time, she can pick up her Nutrios, blueberries, pieces of spaghetti, and small cubes of cheese no problem. She is like a tiny little adult, well maybe not quite so delicate or coordinated, but you know what I mean? Right?

Our other huge big girl success:

Pooping in the toilet. It's quite obvious now when she has to poop, she does a tippy toe dance and a few grunts. The first time I plopped her on the loo, was because she was in the tub, and I did not want to deal with floater! The next day, tippy toe dance after a nap, ripped the pants off, and success...and no clean up, no poopy diaper to deal with! I am not completely gung ho into Elimination Communication (EC) I don't plan to offer her the toilet or potty every 40 minutes or whatever to pee. A couple times a day, and definitely whenever I notice her having to poop.

Yesterday morning, after nursing her I figured why not see if she will pee, I sign potty and make a pssssssssssssss sound, sure enough she peed after a minute, and lo and behold she squeezed out 2 rather large turds (TMI, whatever!) Yay!

This morning we have already had 3 successful pee's in the toilet and one pee in her diaper, she has been naked lots (also to air out a slight diaper rash she has) and no accidents. I want to pick up a potty to have her "bathroom area" in the living room in hopes that she will learn to crawl there when she has to go and I will help her. ECing is not suppose to be "early toilet training" but learning to communicate with your baby and understand her cues, so it fits right into the way I want to raise her anyways listening to her and following her lead, nurse on demand, naps when she is cuing not on a schedule and letting her what she wants on her dinner tray. I am also trying to remember to sign things like milk, drink, eat, more, play, and all done, hoping she will pick up and we can communicate more.

Anyhoo it's time to get a diaper on her butt and into bed she is getting whiny and rubbing the eyes. Lights out ;)