Tuesday, November 3, 2009

8 months down!

Wow, where has the last 8 months gone. It is very hard to believe that I will have a toddler soon! I mean some days it feels like she is already a toddler or a teenager ;) but wow, a walking sort of talking, climbing the crib, tantrum throwing, toilet training, toddler. Yikes!!! There are good things that come with toddler days too right? Right???

In all seriousness, I am excited for those days, every day she changes and grows and I can't wait to see who she will be, what type of personality she will, how she will deal with situations and play, and what her favorite color will be. I suppose all of that will change each year, month, second, but I think all parents feel this desire and excitement of getting to know their child.

James can't wait for her to talk and say silly things on the phone like "hi daddy, I pooped in the toilet, okay have to get in tub, bye daddy love you"...or the like. A few weeks ago he was out of town for work with his boss, who has a daughter that is just over 2, he was giddy with how the daughter would talk on the phone to daddy.

Speaking of the phone, I don't know if it's just the flashy light and the novelty of "moms cellphone" but she lights up when she hears Gramma Diane say "Hi Skyla Raine" on speaker phone, her smile is huge and it just makes me all warm inside. Of course when I try to show Mom on webcam the little stinker does smile or do her silly face.

Speaking of the phone I have started to use it as my weapon during diaper changes, lay baby down on clean diaper, hand her phone while Gramma or Daddy chats away, snap up as quickly as possible. Sometimes it's not enough of a distraction though and a foot is needed to hold her in place ;) I get wanting to be naked, Heck I would probably go pantless all day if my butt was as cute as hers and it was not such an eye sore and the mail man would not turn red a beet when I answered the door hanging all out....but why oh why is diaper change such a fight. Or clothes in general, as soon as you get the shirt over her head she starts to whine. What a bugger, my a cute lovable bugger she is!

Little Miss Skyla is 8 months today. Her accomplishments:
-mastered crawling and standing (way long ago in August, what a smart gal)
-mastered furniture cruising about a month ago
-babbles a bit, mostly baaa baaaaaa bleeeeee blaaa sounds but not into imitation yet
-knows how to french kiss the dog
-definitely knows her name, and what each tone means :P
-understands "milk" and the sign for it....which looks like a open closed fist wave hello, so at music class when we sing goodbye and everyone is waving...she burrows into my chest. So bye bye is waving side to side for us hahaa. But she won't sign it back.
-I think she understands "eat" and the sign now
-this week James and I have both witnessed her standing unassisted for about 3 seconds, very random and crazy...I don't think she realizes she is doing it.
-she is eating really well right now, loves blueberries, grabs handfuls of them ha. And she devoured her cinnamon waffle for breakfast, baby led weaning has been my best friend with introducing solids to Skyla.
-and I have only changed one poopy diaper in about 2 weeks, she has been pooping on the toilet...it's easy to know when she has to poop, and it only happens once every other day, and we are home a lot....so it has been easy for us.

She is in love with her baby Ziggy, crawls around while holding onto her
Skyla and her friend Lila, jamming
Halloween playdate, jungle kingdom!

I'll post a picture of her 8 month shot later!