Friday, May 14, 2010


Sorry I have not been posting much lately. I am contemplating getting rid of this blog and starting a new one. I feel like I want a fresh start at a blog.

It will still focus on our life as a family, and probably give monthly (bi monthly) updates on the monkey, so our far away family and friends can know what shenanigans she has got into. However I really feel like some sort of change...just not 100% what change that will be yet.

Anyhoo I have had a few friends emailing me "why haven't you updated in so long" So I thought I owed the explanation.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!!

Thanks and stay tuned, I will be sure to share the new blog link (will still be under the same username, as I don't want to start up another email)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do

It's the little things that she does that make me really drop my jaw, and realize how much I need to smarten up because she is in such a discovery and imitation stage.

A couple months ago she started combing her hair, and playing mom to her baby, and pushing her sock at her foot (with no success).

The past 2 weeks have been, an obsession with her shoes, and she is successful at getting ONE croc shoe on (as of today) My oven mitts, and watching the food in the oven..while trying to lick it through the glass, thankfully no burns yet. And getting cranky at the dinner table when she doesn't have some cutlery, to stab away at her tray but miss the food hahaa. It makes it seem like it will be no time before she is picking out her own outfits, pushing a chair over to help me bake/cook, and twirling spaghetti on a fork (okay that one is probably really far away ha)

A few photo's of our lovely little girl being her lovely little self.

This was today :)
Rocking her cute slipper boots and big girl housecoat
Sharing my apple, she will have a fit if I don't share my food, it's quite the challenge prepping dinner lately.
A few weeks old, but super cute...she is trying to put her diaper on her baby. She will also sit on her own diaper and pull at it, but has no clue how to button it up ha.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hmmm mat leave vs nursing room?

My adorable husband just sent me this link,2933,590408,00.html

I fully...fully support breastfeeding, I think every women should give it a try and really try if it's hard for you. I'm very frugal, so I can't imagine spending money on formula, when my body is designed to make the perfect food for my baby, so maybe that is why I really support it hehee. I also bow down to those women that pump exclusively for their child, whether it be because baby would not latch or you just didn't want to have a baby attached to the boob, I am so proud of those women for choosing to pump and supply their child with mommy's milk. But I got slightly irritated at the part of the article that pretty much says they want workplaces to provide somewhere for women to pump to continue supplying their child with breast milk. How about, United States of America, you give what every mother deserves....a full year off. There is NOTHING convenient about time consuming pumping at work...especially after the 6 month mark. Trying to get comfortable in an office building with a pump attached to you for 20 minutes a couple times in your work day....yeah really convenient and oh so easy to get enough to replenish what baby is consuming at daycare. It's no wonder so many moms call it quits before the 6 month mark....because they have to go back to work. I count my lucky stars that I am a Canadian and I am entitled to a full year of leave with pay. And I count my blessings even more that I am still at home with Skyla and it hasn't been a huge financial burden. I mean don't get me wrong, all work places should have somewhere for mothers to pump in comfort....I'm thinking big comfy chairs with foot baths and someone to give you a pedi, a big screen TV with episodes of Sex and the City, and pizza delivered in, because....nursing/pumping makes you hungry...oh and lots of water, cause it makes you thirsty too. But really I think the better choice would be a year of would also keep the young child away from a ton of other sick kids in a daycare. I get being exposed to germs, we don't live in a purell bubble, in fact I am semi anti antibacterial hand sani, it's good when needed, but soap and water is better, and we need SOME germs! Swimming in a pool of snotty kids in a stuffy room with LOT's of people traffic ie lots of different germs vs being at home with mommy and your usual playdate friends, being exposed to people in stores with a little less contact. Nursing your child vs pumping at work. I think we all know where my vote is.

I am still breastfeeding my 13 month old, and she got her first cold this week, whether than be a coincidence or not, I don't know. But she has been around plenty of sick people and babies and exchange spit with sick babies in her first year of life and not one cold, every time I thought she was getting sick, I popped her on the breast constantly and the symptoms were gone within 12 hours. Whether it's linked or not, I don't know, and I know there are tons of breastfed babies that are constantly sick, so it's not always the cure for every baby. But I take pride in my child's chubby thighs, and her immunity of steel, that my milk has played a huge part in that. I have no plans to stop nursing her anytime soon, and I thank god it has been an easy relationship for us. As I said she is sick right now, and she mostly just wants her comfort food....mommy's milk, instead of table food, and that's fine by me. She is the happiest sick baby I know, so something has to be right.

I make milk, what's your super power ;)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meatless Meals

For a few years now, I have tried to make at least 1 or 2 meatless meals a week. It's really not as hard as most would think. I now try to do 3-4 a week, and we, well definitely I, don't miss the meat in these meals.

By no means are we planning to become vegans or vegetarians, and we were never a crazy meat consuming family/couple. But it feels really good to make a super satisfying and feeling hearty meatless meal. I don't use Tofu, I have tried it once in a meal and I am not a huge fan, I will try it again someday and maybe incorporate it once in a blue moon. I use beans a lot, and recently have started to use quinoa.

Last week we made vegetable fried quinoa (with some added black beans for extra protien) rather than rice, and it was DELICIOUS. James was very hesitant to jump on the quinoa bandwagon, he was expecting a cous cous like taste and texture, which he strongly dislikes, I LOVE cous cous. He is also the cook in the house for fried rice, he makes a mean fried rice dish hehee pretty much the only thing he knows how to cook other than plain potato/rice, steak, and boiled veggie ;) so he was the first to make a quinoa dish for the family., and we all devoured it.

This weeks meatless meals are:
-Crockpot Minestrone type of soup (beans, chickpeas, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, italian seasoning, canned tomatoes and broth, though I admit I used chicken broth, I really dislike the flavor of commercial veggie broth) with homemade crescent rolls.
-Black Bean Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries
-Baked Beans, Scallop Potato, and some sort of veggie probably green.

I like to do meatless mexican with beans yummy, pasta with lots of veggies and sometimes I throw in some beans as well, meatless stirfrys, meatless soups. Not every time I make a pasta or soup etc is meatless, but really it's so easy to skip the meat a couple times a week, I think EVERYONE should do it!

I watched a documentary a couple years ago on how much meat North America consumes, it was disgusting, and how meat is such a high demand and how damaging it is to our environment. Not that raising animals, and using them for consumption is completely damaging but the rate at which we do it is what is damaging, and how much animals are needed to meet the demands is environmentally damaging. I cannot for the life of me remember the name, but I know you can find it on the internet. I found it incredibly informative and eye opening, it was definitely what lead me to my quest for cutting out meat in every meal every day.

I'll be sure to share some recipes of meals we try and we all love....those that have recipes. James veggie fried quinoa does not have a recipe, nor does my minestrone soup, it's always changing slightly ;)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

You know your a mom when!!!

Obviously I knew I was a mom the minute her little, well uhm big body, pushed it's way through my va-jay-jay, and I held her in my arms. But every so often I have these moments, sort of like a light bulb BING you're a mom....or I guess you're a mom to a TODDLER.

Some recent ones:

-when you go to put your boots on, are grossed out by something in it (my first thought, it was a giant bug) and you cautiously investigate to find LITTLE PEOPLE

-you have a miniature person stuck to your legs, hugging you with all her strength while plowing her head into your crotch or bum while you....blowdry your hair, saute dinner, make breakfast etc. And you look down, she looks up with love, and at that moment you know what true love feels like. Hmm yet again true love is putting pressure on my crotch, just like she did for 9 months ;)

-you see your LO pull off her socks, you get frustrated that she is ripping them off, AGAIN, but then she uses them to "wash" the glass kitchen doors....I guess she see's me constantly wiping up her kiss and booger marks. Hmm guess I need to be doing more housework infront her to get some extra help.

-you get excited over poops in the toilet!

-you go to bed singing abby's flying fairy school theme song, and wake up with it in your head....even though your daughter pays NO attention to the show, it's forever burned in your memory...oh damn now I'm singing it again!

-when at a restaurant with the nugget I order something, that she can share...while daddy constantly get's away with non Skyla friendly meals...hmm something needs to be done about that ;)

-when she insists sitting on YOUR lap for a story, while also insisting on a new book every 4 seconds hehee, and stops half way through, twists her head and reaches up for a kiss.

-when you watch her imitate being a mom to her babies!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

She is ONE!!!

We were out of town with very limited internet access, so I wasn't able to post her birthday stuff on the big day, March 3rd. But better late then never right!?

We were visiting Mount Washington area with my inlaws, spent a couple days in their condo up there, went snowshoeing and cross-country skiing (I stuck to the snowshoes) on the big day...she fell asleep in her pull sled, about 2 minutes into the trek, I don't even think we were on the trail yet ha. Skyla slept probably 75% of the adventure heheee...she woke up when we (just daddy, mommy and Emi our dog) went off to snowshoe on dog friendly trails (not very x-country ski friendly ones) and had fun laughing at the crazy dog running around loving the snow and chasing snowballs :P

Grandpa Tom made fagita's for dinner, which did not go over well, I guess it was to spicy...she screamed bloody murder when she got the chicken in her mouth, but she loved the peanut butter picnic cake I made her. And she was really into unwrapping her gifts....very slow but into it. She would tear off a small piece of paper and then hand it to me hehee.

A slide show of her first year:

Here are some pics from the day (more to come when I get pictures from the inlaws, my big camera was a pain to lug out while snowshoeing)

Waiting for everyone to get their gear!

Hanging out on the snow, what a poser hehee
Not so happy about the chicken fagita's
Cooling down with some peanut butter picnic cake
taking her time to unwrap her giftsWell she is one, a toddler and full of the toddler mischief, tantrums and independence...I swear a switch went off in her brain this week....lordy you are her enemy if you try to help her with something, but she also fa-reaks when something is not going her way....examples of such things that happened today
Example 1:
She put something into her highchair that was too big to pull through the leg hole, she screamed like she was being tortured because she couldn't figure out to pull it back the way she originally got it in there.

Example 2:
She was trying to put her shirt on, clearly she is not that clever yet..but she does know it goes over her. She kept putting it ON her head and would smile so proud, Daddy offered to help and she would yell at him rip the shirt out his hands, and throw it around and put it back on her head. When he did get it over her head she would curl away from him, CRY, like the works, tears pouring down and yank at the shirt and as soon as she got it off her head, she would stop and smile, so proud she did it on her own....what a little freak. But I love her ;)

Highlight of today:
She was in the same diaper ALL DAY, she held a pee for our half hour walk with Emi this morning, and then also woke up after a 2.5 hour nap DRY, and peed and pooped on the toilet when I brought her to the bathroom after waking....the evening was not as successful, I guess I got lazy and busy making dinner and dealing with a whiny pants (teething) and missed her pee cues, so that diaper got pee in it by bath time...but oh well, I'm happy with the success we had!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Funny Valentine!

Skyla has been giving kisses for a couple months now, and they are much more regular now. I would say 80% of the time I ask for a kiss she gives me one (she is even starting to close her mouth...less slobber yay) of course 79% of that is when it's just us so I look like a liar when I tell people she gives kisses and she refuses to in public haha.

The funniest ones are after nursing, she almost always comes up to kiss me, and out pops a burp....thanks monkey!

But today was the most special valentines present from my baby girl. She was done nursing and just being a cling on, so I unlatched her and she laid her head on my chest blinking off her sleepy's and kept looking up at me so calm and beautifully. I stood up to say good night, I love you and give her hugs...she kept her rested on my chest and then looked up at me and reached up for kiss. Placed her head back on my chest and then repeated 4 times while I held back from sobbing. It was the first time she initiated such a sweet sincere kiss with so much effort.

God she is beautiful, I can't wait when that goodnight kiss is followed by "I wuv you, mama, nigh nigh"