Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

The Belly at 31 weeks
After dinner with Brian and Annette
Lunch at Tyn, Jasmine and Sean's.
Emi trying to snuggle with Winnie
Big yawn from my little girl
I really wish I had a good zoom lense this would have been hilarious! James was running with Emi (in snowshoes) and totally wiped out, the expression on Emi's face was just priceless.Emi making her way through the snow on our christmas eve walk - I think she might need a pair of Muttlucks heheeShowing how high the snowbanks are! Mama's Pumpkin (from scratch) I don't eat pumpkin pie (the consistency - yuck) but the flavor was delish!

Me attempting to snowshoe - I only fell twice, and not hard ha.Winnie enjoying some treats from his stocking!Emi's turn to open her stocking...Winnie was a little jealous.James a little excited about his new tool kit!!The family after opening Santa Presents (note Santa should have been played by ME - whoa nelly I look WIDE ha)...this is before our family breakfast, so no mess of wrapping paper yet ha.

Well I have a ton more pictures to add, but Baby Ziggy is kicking my ribs like crazy so I am signing off...there is also TONS more pictures from our holiday on my facebook photo albums.

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