Monday, December 8, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

Finally we made a decision in the world of strollers...we had pretty much decided on the Bob Revolution, sort of like the SUV of strollers. But we started thinking maybe it was just a bit big for us and our car. The one we decided on has been on my list of top 5 for the longest time, but we could never get out to see since only one retailer in lower mainland carries it....however we lucked out this weekend when went to Victoria and stopped by another retailer who carries it. So ladies and gentleman without further ado I will introduce the Bumbleride Indie - we got it in Ruby (a big seller for me, the Bob does not come in red, so I was going to settle on Brown and Blue) it has everything we are looking for and more.

Offroading, light jogging, 3 airfilled tires, GIANT sunshade, but rather than being an SUV it's like a compact car or a....Suburu Outback LOL! Much smaller in the frame than the typical all terrain joggers, but space for baby is not compromised. Anyways I'm sure I'm boring you all...but the stroller was more important to me than the crib or carseat, so as you can tell I'm VERY excited about this. For those interested here is their site
and a great review on youtube.
It should be here by January and then crazy lady me will start taking it for a stroll EMPTY to get Emi used to walking with a stroller.
Speaking of Emi, she has been quite the snuggle muffin lately...getting a little to spoiled, and is now also WHINY at night when its bed time...not sure whats going on with that, but I keep saying "it's practice for the months to come!"
And here is THE BELLY at 29 weeks, only 11 to go ahhhhh! I am avoiding FRONT shots as I feel extremely wide these days. James' likes to throw in the wide load comments and I swear if I was not so achey I would sit on him and squish his arse for being a butthead! Please excuse the messy hair and PJ's it was late!

Well another major purchase out of the way only a bagillion more items to go ha. Oooh super exciting I have started to get a grasp on our cloth diaper stash, and now have 24 Motherease Sandy's and 4 of the covers (I bought them used from a local mama for an amazing deal!) I can't stop looking at these cute little dipeys...funny thing they probably won't even fit the little stinker right away (they are for size 8lbs-20lbs) so not quite your average newborn's hoping Baby P takes after my side of the family!

Well I need to hit the hay early tonight folks, so I'm off!


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