Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby goes boom!

Those were James' words to describe the action coming from my belly lastnight. Our wifey Dianna came over to celebrate early christmas, and make us a delicious dinner (I just finished off the leftovers!). We are now the old married couple, and proud owners of a CLAP IT, much better than a typical one year wedding anniversary "paper" gift THANK YOU! I am notorious for getting into after James' does, now with some clapping practice I can turn the light off when I hop into bed hehee. I indulge in a scrumpticious bowl of Hagen Daaz Dulce de Leche icecream lastnight (at least it was half the fat...still very unhealthy though oopsy) and baby Zigs went CRAZY. We have a tiny dancer in there, busting out some Michael Jackson moves, making mama go ooooh and owwwww! James demanded that Dianna come sit with us on the couch and "watch the belly it's crazy!" Sure enough Ziggy stopped once they both concentrated on the belly I poked around a bit and got baby moving again...saying "helloooooo" in the Jerry Seinfeild Koolaid Man voice seemed to get the monkey happy! Anyhoo Baby Ziggy rolled or punched me real good causing quite the protrusion from my stomach and making both James and Dianna squeel..."Omigod ahhhh!" It was super cute and funny.

There is some insane movements coming from inside tonight, its very freaky and making me feel like my insides are being twisted and pulled apart :S GROSS! Dianna I thnk the baby must LOVE your lemon chicken and potatoes, cause after I finished up the leftovers was when it went into olympic overdrive! Hopefully we can try to get it on video soon to share with those far away.

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