Monday, December 15, 2008

At the homestead...

Well sort of ;) we got in to Ontario on saturday...and I have to say it might have been the best flight of my life. For starters James was able to fly stand by with me (very lucky!) people were pretty accommadating to letting us sit together (not overly, but it happened) and then the movie we watched was 3 hours so that made the flight go by so quickly....but the best part I DID NOT COMPLAIN ONCE...James was quite impressed (pretty sure he HATES flying with me) I usually get very restless and are we there yet, how much a kid muahaahaaa. However I don't know if it was the happy pregnancy hormones, the excitement of seeing my parents, the curiosity of seeing Emi and how she would react to all the snow (she loved the little bits we got last winter) just having my wonderful husband beside or what...but it was a very easy and quick flight wahooo. Here's hoping its just as lovely when we come back!

So far it has been a great trip, feels like home thats for sure hahaa (its been 2 years since we have been back to my parents place) Emi is LOVING all the snow and just pooped out from galloping around the yard and playing snow wars with her papa and grampie. She is being SPOILED with table scraps and we have all suffered from her horrenAdd Videodous gas...thankgod most of yesterday was spent outside...but I tell you, being downwind of her was not a treat!

The family made the trek out to the tree farm to pick the perfect (meaning crooked and wonky) Prosser Christmas Tree, freeze our tushies and fill up on french fries afterwards. The weather was actually quite nice and it was not overy cold, but I still layered up in snow pants, longjohns and the whole kabang.

I need to make this a relatively short post as I have a wee bit of heartburn, cramps and am beyond tired right now, so here are a few pictures from yesterday. Hopefully I can post more tomorrow along with the lovely gifts we got from Singapore from Heather, Tom and their incredibly thoughtful friend Ylva.
The family with the tree, and James holding a saw...scary!
I might not have that beautiful pregnancy glow, but James got a lovely (in my opinion) picture of me infront of our glowing (half decorated) christmas tree lastnight. This is me 30 weeks along, can you believe there are only 10 to go (yikes!)

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