Friday, January 2, 2009

Surprise Surprise!

Not quite a surprise anymore to everyone, but still worth sharing ;)

For our anniversary present to each other we decided to find out what the sex of Baby Ziggy is. During our 3D ultrasound we had the tech investigate, while we closed our eyes...cut our parents viewing session short (they were watching a live broadcast) The tech finished up the DVD to end showing the baby bits, and also wrote it down and sealed it in an envelope. He was pretty excited about us waiting for a few more days till our anniversary to open the envelope and watch the movie, we were given strict instructions to stop the DVD around 25 minutes if we wanted to watch it before November 27 (so not to ruin the surprise) and no holding the envelope up to light...he was the cutest ultrasound tech ever!

Anyways it was a perfect anniversary celebration and we decided to keep it a secret for a little longer and surprise the grand-parents-to-be at christmas. Since we could not be with Tom and Heather in Singapore, we sent them the DVD and a picture frame with a note on the inside, sharing the reveal...however they didn't quite understand or follow directions...which ended up being to our benefit (well mine) as they called quite confused and I got to hear their reaction over the phone! They could not make out what they were seeing in the dvd and asked if this was revealing the sex of Ziggy, and said they needed subtitles hahaa. I told them to open up the picture frame and read the note (they had kept the frame in the box ha...hence the confused phone call) and then were just overjoyed to read the note!
For my parents and sister we had them watch the dvd while we got a present ready that was "too big to wrap" They were getting quite ancy towards the last few minutes of the video...wanting to go to the bathroom or get a drink but I kept insisting they watch. At the very end they had no clue what they were looking at (bum, legs and baby bits) but they started to clue in and say is that showing us the sex? And then the video ended, I had a huge smirk on my face and my mom jumped out of her chair at the speed of light to grab the remote and replay the last couple minutes. Then the debate started, is it a girl or boy? Finally I lifted up my shirt to reveal this….

It took them a few seconds before turning around to see hahaa, but they were so excited and happy for us. My mom's reaction was "I knew it was a girl!" :P

Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years! I wish everyone nothing but the best for 2009, the year of the baby (for us)


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