Monday, November 24, 2008

Ziggy in 3D

On saturday we went to UC Baby to have a 3D/4D ultrasound done, we thought it would be a great way to involve our parents, as they include live broadcasting with their package deals. It was such an great experience, our tech was beyond cute with his phillipino accent...I could hardly understand him...but his excitement for each movement, smile, blink kept the HUGEST smile on my face (of course seeing our baby made me smile...but this guy is perfect for his job!) We got to see Baby Zigs yawning, swallowing fluids, SMILING, stretching, I felt and saw him/her kick me at the same time that was crazy haha. Baby was even blinking, which means I am on track as baby starts opening their eyes between 27 and 28 weeks. Heartbeat was a good 143/bpm and measuring 9 inches from crown to rump...speaking of crown, we saw some hair as clue what color it will be, but hopefully the hair stays ;)
It really was so amazing to just watch Baby Ziggy moving around, being dramatic and posing with the hands up around the face, VOGUE style lol. I kept thinking there is no way this baby is inside me, looks so much bigger then I imagined...they are sooo developed at such a small size, like little dolls. But my belly is really starting to shoot I guess there really is a small human in felt like a torpedo this morning. I still have not gained that much (must be from the active job I have) but I am sure I will put it all on when I am home for 2.5 weeks at christmas, eating lots of chocolate, homecooking, chocolate, baked goods, chocolate, not being as active...I will have to tell James that it's mandatory we walk Emi LOT's while there ha!
Well ladies and gents without further ado, here is our Baby 'Ziggy', 6 months into the pregnancy...trimester 3 is here (where does the time go?)
Nose Picking (just like daddy!)

Smiling :) LOVE this picture!
And a short clip of blinking and stretching...kind of creepy, but its amazing to me anyways!

Time for a bath, my back is KILLING me today :( the first time I wish I had a microwave for my beany bags (but I really dislike microwaves)

Love you all,

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