Monday, November 10, 2008


Kelly and Mark...he popped THE big question the other day. I am so happy for the two of you, and cannot wait to actually meet you Mark. From what I hear though you already have best friend approval ;)...but I warn ya treat her well or I will sit my now fat pregnant arse ontop of you! Heheee

And congrats to us we made a decision, we committed to a crib....phew I knew we were starting to cut it close, but I was just worried about going back on the decision after ordering it. The crib of my dreams was just looking to bulky for an apartment, and wee bit expensive. But I do LOVE this, and James really liked it so his interest in it sold me! It was on sale at sears for $20 off, and it was also scratch and save days, so we saved another $40 on it wahoooooo. It won't be here till January 27th...can you believe that, seems a bit ridiculous, but it's a popular model, and christmas season is around the corner. Yes this is boring post hahaa, but it's exciting to me hahaa, the crib also converts into a toddler day bed, and then a double bed for after toddler years. I laughed at the fact that my child now has a HEADBOARD and FOOTBOARD, when his/her parents do NOT hahaa. I wish it came in queen size ;)

Here is our lovely crib

Now to just get the rest of the big purchases done, before it's to late :S

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