Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Willy!

Well last night I was feeling rather Shamu like, it seems this belly is now starting to get in the way of the simplest things, like COOKING...especially taste tasting it now catches what falls off the spoon, rather then hitting the floor...good thing we now have our own laundry machines, see stains are much more frequent on my shirts hahaa. I think I will beg James to paint my toes this weekend, as Dianna was making fun of the leftover pink I still have on from the summer...but I really don't think I can bend and contort that way to paint them myself.

I got Jim to snap up some belly shots for this week (26 weeks) and WOW, quite the difference from a few weeks ago. Mama, I think I am carrying like you (I can't remember now if it was with me or Nik...I have a picture in my head!) but I'm carrying HIGH, LOW, and now FROM THE SIDES...basically everywhere. Thank goodness I'm not carrying in my bum and thighs (to much)

And to compare this is from 22 weeks.

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