Sunday, November 16, 2008

New House to Start Nesting!!

Well not quite a house, but almost as big as in square feet as a good starter home ;) I am amazed with how much space we actually have. James got to visit the apartment a 2nd time and took pictures, and when I looked thru them...I thought hmmm its not as big as it sounds. But yesterday I ate my words.

Ladies and Gents here is what we living in
-open concept living room, kitchen and dining room, which I LOVE as the kitchen does not have much counter or cupboards so this makes it appear bigger and more airy.
-Our VERY OWN front loading laundry (it used to be a bathroom) so there is still a standup shower there, if we really needed to use it.
-The bathroom has double sinks (no fighting for mirror space, that James just looks at himself all day I can never touch up my makeup heheee) a toilet (thankfully!) a bidet (doubt that will be used) a nice deep TUB (I refused to look at a place that did not have a tub) with a shower, as well as another stand up shower (yes 3 showers ha who needs that many?)
-Then we have the den, open/no doors with a window that gets great sun, this will be an office, it is big enough to be a small bedroom (think dorm room)
-Spare Bedroom (aka Dianna's when she visits until Nik moves out)
-Master Bedroom which is quite long and spacious, and has a little nook area that will be babies room.
-There is also a storage room/workshop for all our camping and seasonal junk, and chest freezer.
-Outside storage for bikes, garbage, etc
-And our patio area is covered which will be soooo nice as it rains ALOT in Vancouver.
I'll post pics once we are somewhat set up.
ooooh and we have a wood burning fireplace in the house, James attempted to light er up lastnight, I think the chimney needs a cleaning hahaa...he nearly smoked me out of home....needless to say our apartment now smells like campground. I'm sure in about 2 days when I am sick of camp smell I will be febreezing the heck out of EVERYTHING lol.

Well more important things: I realized today that I have 98 days till D-DAY (yes I know its a guestitmate) I can't believe there is less than 100 days left crazy. I really cannot wait to meet our little 'Ziggy', I just want to squeeze, hug and kiss the poop right out of him/her.
S0 I am constantly harassed by a few people (cough mom cough kelly)to update belly shots. I try to do them every 2 weeks, on the even weeks. This is not an "official" 26 week belly shot, I will get Jimbo to do those tonight, but this was taken on friday before going to a friends for din din. The shirt I was wearing made me look HUGE, which is why I am sort of holding down the tent. But really the changes are not THAT drastic to do them every couple days ladies, so you have to wait 2 weeks for more growth hahaa.

And this just makes me laugh, this is BEFORE dinner, but exactly how I was feeling after dinner. I really have a hard time eating real sized meals, I am so used to having smaller "appy" sized meals every couple hours, I guess you could say snacking. It just helped to ward off nausea in Trimester one, and helps my energy stay up...and now that my stomach is starting to squashed its almost painful to eat a "normal" meal. Basically my theory of being pregnant and eating is...your always hungry...but you feel tight inside, imagine having just eaten all you can eat chinese, or turkey dinner. That feeling, but you know you have to eat and your hungry, so you have a meal ontop of that feeling....are you in pain yet??? Cause I swear thats how I feel, and I know I'm not alone ;)! NO amount of undone buttons or lycra makes you comfortable, not even your birthday suit. Hahaa

Anyhoo I'm to excited and scattered as you can tell from this post, so I should run and try to unpack a bit....bending and what not really gets baby moving which is super weird feeling to have someone moving inside when you are moving! Not used to that, usually he/she is active when I'm its neat, but also makes me stop production to enjoy the gentle movements (since the days will be here in no time that they are NOT so gentle)

Love you and miss you all!


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