Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To find out or not to find out

So I have been getting a lot of people asking if we know the sex yet, and when I say no they ask are we planning to find out.

In the beginning I was very much a committed TEAM GREEN member. But so many women in my February Mommies online group have started revealing the genders and so far the tally is 9 girls and 3 or 4 boys, and over 20 team greens. Not all of us are regular posters though...and there are quite a few still waiting to find out, seems to be the norm now a days to find out, everyone women says its the planner in them hehee.

For me, I love surprises and love the idea of calling friends and family to say It's a ____ his/her name is ____ she/he weighs_____. I like the idea of all the idea of after labouring FOREVER and carrying this little one for 9 months to hear those fabulous words It's a ___ come out of our midwives mouth.

However (there's always a BUT) I think finding out if we have a hamburger or hotdog growing instead will just bring me, us that much more connected to the little ghaki no more calling him/her it or baby or whatever. And as much as I love yellow and green, I know I will be super sick of seeing those colors once we bring the LO home and yes I know we can do the fun clothes shopping after baby gets here...BUT I really love little girly stuff and little man stuff and it would be nice to have some before "the real exhaustation" sets in ;) ha

I'm not really asking for advice or opinions, just super confused and James does not seem to really mind whether we find out or not so he is not a pressure on either side of the fence (no help!)...and our ultrasound is in less than a goodness I cannot believe that September is almost over. I swear to god I am going to blink for to long and it will be February!

Love to you all!

James, Callista (&baby) and Emi in Kelowna Sept 18, 2008 (Happy Birthday Nik)

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Dianna said...

hamburger or hot dog?!! LOL