Monday, September 22, 2008

The most amazing sound...

We got to hear our little monkey's heartbeat at our 12 week appointment with our midwife, but did not think to record it...this time I was ready phone in hand...thought it would be a nice little treat for the soon-to-be grandparents since you are all so far away :( Ghaki's heartbeat was 160 bpm the first round, today about 154 bpm and moving around like a gymnast the static bursts of sound is the baby flipping around, practising the breast stroke hahaa. So babies active, and I have been feeling the movements every few days, nothing crazy yet...just feels like bubbles, or popcorn popping, healthy and I'm measuring good :D But my bloodpressure was a little higher than last time, so I am going to try out accupuncture to be pro-active.
Ughhhh having a bit of difficulties with uploading the soundclip, hopefully figure it out by tomorrow! Otherwise I will just have to email it to those who want to hear it.

James has been referring to baby as she, her, how are my girls...until today at the midwife clinic he kept saying him, he's strong, I can't wait to feel him who knows maybe his spidey senses are saying something ;) heheee.

I have only gained about 5 maybe 6 lbs now, it's hard to count since my weight fluxuated so much before, and I was holding so much water in the beginning that I was heavier than normal. So in celebration of "I need to gain more weight" we went out for Vera's Burgers and POUTINE sooooo delish, now maybe I will top it off with a bowl of icecream hahahaa. I was told that I should aim for a minimum 20 lbs being a lighweight, the "little parasite" is just feeding off me hahahaa.

And of course more BELLY PICS! Only a weeks difference from the last pic. These were taken today...18 weeks 1 day.

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Alycia Hildebrand said...

You look awesome!!! Enjoy being Pregnant!!