Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy 1 month birthday!

Yesterday Skyla turned 1 month! I can't believe it has been a month already, I mean it honestly feels like she has been a part of our lives has just been pretty natural and normal feeling...but at the same time it does not seem like a month ago I was going into labour and pushing her out. I have pictures to post and update you all, but our laptop has a cold and is being fixed (as far as I know everything can be recovered and its just a ram problem THANK FREAKIN GOD!) please send us the good vibes/prayers that it is fixable, as I will be completely devastated to lose my babies newborn pictures.

Skyla is still a pretty happy and laidback baby...I was sick as a dog on thursday and she was an angel no fussing at all, napped with me and just hung out while I felt like I was near death, she knew her mama was weak and sick I guess so she was on her very best behaviour hehee. She is becoming so much more focused with her eyes, like staring at me in the eyes now..not as blankly as before ha. Following sound, and making cute little baby sounds...still tons of grunting which always makes us laugh, and strangers get a kick out of it too haha.

Around 3 weeks old she was close to 10lbs, so I'm sure she has passed that now. Our next appointment with our midwife is not till she turns 6 I will give a better growth update then. Anyways I just wanted to share that she is A MONTH ahhhh crazy! And I promise to post a better update with pictures soon

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