Thursday, March 12, 2009

Skyla - week one

Labouring in the pool
Cheerleading squadAlways time to kiss the love of my lifeIn a tranceMama supporting me, so James can get a nice look at his daughter slowly making her way into the world. He looks a little excited and eager to meet her ha.
Emi was watching as well.Daddy with his daughter, while mama tried to get that stubborn placenta out.
First moment together after she was born, cord still attached.
Me almost passed out, on James who is almost passed out - we were very tired!
Up close of these sweet little lips
Gramma Prosser with her first grandbaby
At the hospital with my piglet Daddy James snuggling SkylaYay, finally we can go home...she is ready :)Her first bath with mama, sorry if anyone finds this risque or offensive, but I think its beautiful and its one of my favorite pictures.Daddy James bathing Skyla for the first time - she ended up pooping in the water ha
Skyla and Daddy - love at first sightColby loves her cause she smells like milk

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zolly786 said...

she is beautiful. congratulations!! (makes me want another, and mine's not even a year old)

(it's zolly from the bb boards)