Thursday, April 9, 2009

3rd times a charm, bad things come in 3...

Hmmm well do good things come in 3 as well? I realize that by posting this I may have just jinxed myself and will be kicking my own arse tomorrow morning, but...

Lastnight was the 3rd night in a row that Skyla "slept through the night" She was down between 10:30 and 11:30 (which is our bedtime, she naps a bit in the evenings in the living room with us, but goes to bed officially when we do) and the only reason she "woke up" is because James' alarm goes off around 5:30 which wakes me...and I realize I am swimming in a sea of milk...we are exclusively breastfeeding, so when my body goes that many hours without feeding her it needs to relieves itself...unfortunately my pajama's and bedding get the meal haha. So each night/morning I scoop her up to "dreamfeed" as she really still does not wake up, James changes her, I try to feed her some more and then back in bed by about 6, and she will sleep for another 2.5 hours.

I am not letting myself get used to this sleep, as I know its only a phase and one that will likely end soon...but I am just beyond...confused, shocked, and a bit giddy, that she is sleeping so well and for so long at such a young age! She has always been a pretty good night sleeper since day one, and has not (yet) been a baby to wake up screaming to be fed, she just gets a little grunty which wakes me up to feed her, and she usually goes 3-4 hours, and then goes back to bed :) ....

again I'm probably cursing myself by bragging about what has been her norm.

Our other exciting news, the news of the night.........SHE POOPED! She has not pooped since wednesday the 1st (guess she wanted to do a week of april fools) I was not worried about her lack of poop as I have read of breastfed babies going 21 days without a poop. On tuesday we had chiro, and Skyla had her "check" we let the doc know she hadn't pooped in awhile so he did an adjustment on her to help move things along and warned that it would be a BIG poop when it finally came out.

So tonight she has been pretty cranky and I figured it must be that she is finally needing to poop, so I laid her down and started doing bicycle legs on her and bending her hips up to help push something out, she was letting out some gas that sounded pretty I decided to check things out...............................holy dinah it was huge and smelled rotten (yes I realize poop does not smell heavenly, but usually breastmilk poop is bearable and sort of sweet smelling...this was SICK) I was literally gagging and laughing so hard because I always laugh at men who gag and think what wimps they are hahaha! It was so messy that there was no way I could wipe it up, I had to carry her by the arms to the bath, and get Nikita to hose down her butt. We could not stop laughing and the look on her face was PURE BLISS.

And man let me tell you, she was hungry after that explosion! Ha!

I swear my life has revolved around poop for the past couple years, first it was my own animals and wanting/needing to know if the poop, and watching it (we feed raw, so poop lets us know if they are getting to much bone or to little bone) then with dogwalking for work and letting owners know if the dog pooped, and now its waiting for my kid to poop, opening every diaper hoping for a little golden surprise, making a mental note of how big or small it is. Hahaaaaa

Oyyyyyy poop the meaning of life!

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Dianna said...

and you cant forget about james' poops too! actually i think he has more of a farting