Monday, April 20, 2009

Lights Camera Action

Most of these pictures are from when she was about 4 weeks old... Can't believe she will be 7 weeks tomorrow!
She now weighs 11lbs 5 oz (3lbs heavier than birth)
Is 23.75 inches tall (2 inches from birth)

And her head is also 2 inches bigger....someone commented to me that she was a BIG 6 week old the other day, and asked how much she was at birth, and then said "wow she was a small horse" listen lady you didn't carry her around, or push her out...and she's perfect! I know her comments were totally in a silly joke way, but it stung a I being oversensitived??

Kelly came out for a visit a couple weeks ago, it was so nice to have her company and help, and just comforting to have an old friend around. She thinks I am a great mom and that I have not turned into a crazy mom (yet) that I'm still me, just with a kid attached boob ;) hahaa. So I love her even more (if possible) now that she complimented me that way hehee.

Here is Aunty Kelly (that's AUNT not ANT people) with Skyla, look like a boy in her blue sweatsuit lol.
Skyla looks a little stunned here. I love her precious face and innocent expression!
Immitating her Daddy, I wonder if she will stick out her tongue while writing, golfing, concentrating as well? Ha!

Sound asleep...what an angel
I swear this is how she was sleeping, she was in our bed and I woke up to this beside me, and my camera was handy :D
Chillin' with her best friend, Mr Colby...he LOOOOOVES SkylaWell duty calls, the little Miss is up and crying, probably am I!

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