Monday, October 13, 2008

Yayyy ultrasound pictures

Wahoo I was able to change the format of our ultrasound picture to post it here!

In the first pic(top left) you can see Baby P's face, eyes, nose and mouth, looks a little ghoulish heheee. And then the typical side profile shots of our little Angel. Heather my mother in law thinks Baby P shares the same head as me, I really hope my head is not that out of proportion hahaa.

This is from September 30, I was just over 19 weeks, so the baby is 17 weeks old here.

I am trying to figure out a fun cute halloween costume, any ideas.

Here are some of the ideas I have come across, if you want to vote for your favorite leave a comment (those who do not have a blog account can probably leave a comment as a guest) and feel free to leave a suggestion...
1 - Cat, with my belly painted like fish bowl
2 - Pea pod, green outfit with a slit at the belly to be the "pea"
3 - Treasure Troll, nude colored outfit with a jewel at the navel teased and colored hair
4 - Black outfit with skeleton bones painted on, and a baby skeleton on the belly
5 - Juno and her boyfriend (from the movie, if I can convince James to wear SHORT basketball shorts hahaa)
6 - James as a milkman, and me as a 50's housewife, and a milk mustache "the milk mans baby!" I might have to stuff since my belly is not that obvious yet
Sooooo??? Any thoughts?

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