Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Tomorrow is my Dad's 48th birthday, so I wanted to send a big shout out since I did not send a card or gift (oops...but hey you get a grandbaby soon, that has to be the best gift out there hehee) Hope you have a fantastic day, and Mama makes you a delish meal, she told me about the cake...and I said she better make me one for my "birthday" in December when I am home hahaa. Love you and miss you so much Dad!

Baby P has been moving up a storm the past few days, I feel like there is a little alien inside me...its not very dramatic moves, still sort of like a goldish is swimming around, well something a bit bigger than a goldfish, maybe a guppy ha!

This picture is from last sunday, but for those who missed out on my facebook update this is the belly as of 22 weeks (23 weeks along now) not much growth in a week :)

We had a shiba howl-o-ween party on saturday, Emi went as her alias that she has come to be known as at the meetups "Shark Puppy" I will post some shiba party pics once I upload them.

And Mom season 3 of Prison Break is CRAZYYYY I just want the show to end, I want answers hahaaa.

Oooh and a shout out to my very good friends Chad and Kristin, the new Mr and Mrs Mueller, who were married the past saturday. Congrats guys we can't wait to see you in December, hope you are having an amazing honeymoon, looking forward to seeing the pics!

Love and Miss you


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