Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daddy's Little Guppy!

Yayyyyy! James finally felt little Ziggy kicking tonight! I called him over to see if he could feel some of the kicks, and he sat on the floor with the most concentrated look on his...determined much...so concentrated that he forgot to stick his tongue out hahaa, those who know him well know this is one of his "traits" while deep in thought. He was telling me to stop BREATHING, and laughing cause I kept giggling, I said it will just sort of feel like a fish fin when the fish is out of water (yeah weird description...but true to me!) The first kick/punch he was convinced it was me, but I assured him I may be superwomen, but I cannot make my insides jolt like that, the second one Ziggy/Baby P made sure to make it more clear "It's me in here Daddy!" and his hand jumped off my belly and his eyes went huge and lit up, like a little kid it was priceless...almost like a 6 year old witnessing the coolest of magic tricks. I wish I had it on film, I just started laughing and was quickly hushed so he could try and feel more...but Ziggy decided to rest.

This is a similar expression that James had when he felt his little Monkey!

Our babies nicknames so far in case you can't keep up hahaa are :


Baby P

and recently Ziggy, when I suggested it as a girls name (we have very few girls names picked out that we are sold on) he pretty much veto'd it right away...but then started calling Baby P Ziggy as a nickname (go figure ha) its good and gender neutral and more namelike than peanut or baby P so I LIKE IT! hehee

Well off to bed, hopefully the critter rests cause it's moving around lots this evening!

Love ya, Callista

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Dianna said...

OMG seeing that picture of the monkey and then picturing James making that face...tooooo funny!!!! it was definitely an "LOL"!