Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do

It's the little things that she does that make me really drop my jaw, and realize how much I need to smarten up because she is in such a discovery and imitation stage.

A couple months ago she started combing her hair, and playing mom to her baby, and pushing her sock at her foot (with no success).

The past 2 weeks have been, an obsession with her shoes, and she is successful at getting ONE croc shoe on (as of today) My oven mitts, and watching the food in the oven..while trying to lick it through the glass, thankfully no burns yet. And getting cranky at the dinner table when she doesn't have some cutlery, to stab away at her tray but miss the food hahaa. It makes it seem like it will be no time before she is picking out her own outfits, pushing a chair over to help me bake/cook, and twirling spaghetti on a fork (okay that one is probably really far away ha)

A few photo's of our lovely little girl being her lovely little self.

This was today :)
Rocking her cute slipper boots and big girl housecoat
Sharing my apple, she will have a fit if I don't share my food, it's quite the challenge prepping dinner lately.
A few weeks old, but super cute...she is trying to put her diaper on her baby. She will also sit on her own diaper and pull at it, but has no clue how to button it up ha.


Sarah said...

I love Skyla's milestone posts! And her cute kitty shirt. :)

Lazaro Cooks! said...

Saw your profile on another page. Great blog. You have a beautiful family. Look forward to following you here. Cheers!

Callista said...

Thank you Lazaro Cooks! I look forward to following your blog as well. I love love love cooking and am always looking for new tasty recipes to test out!

GTA Mom said...

"Trying to lick it through the glass". Priceless! Great post :)