Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Funny Valentine!

Skyla has been giving kisses for a couple months now, and they are much more regular now. I would say 80% of the time I ask for a kiss she gives me one (she is even starting to close her mouth...less slobber yay) of course 79% of that is when it's just us so I look like a liar when I tell people she gives kisses and she refuses to in public haha.

The funniest ones are after nursing, she almost always comes up to kiss me, and out pops a burp....thanks monkey!

But today was the most special valentines present from my baby girl. She was done nursing and just being a cling on, so I unlatched her and she laid her head on my chest blinking off her sleepy's and kept looking up at me so calm and beautifully. I stood up to say good night, I love you and give her hugs...she kept her rested on my chest and then looked up at me and reached up for kiss. Placed her head back on my chest and then repeated 4 times while I held back from sobbing. It was the first time she initiated such a sweet sincere kiss with so much effort.

God she is beautiful, I can't wait when that goodnight kiss is followed by "I wuv you, mama, nigh nigh"


Megan said...

Aaww, what a special moment!

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