Sunday, March 7, 2010

She is ONE!!!

We were out of town with very limited internet access, so I wasn't able to post her birthday stuff on the big day, March 3rd. But better late then never right!?

We were visiting Mount Washington area with my inlaws, spent a couple days in their condo up there, went snowshoeing and cross-country skiing (I stuck to the snowshoes) on the big day...she fell asleep in her pull sled, about 2 minutes into the trek, I don't even think we were on the trail yet ha. Skyla slept probably 75% of the adventure heheee...she woke up when we (just daddy, mommy and Emi our dog) went off to snowshoe on dog friendly trails (not very x-country ski friendly ones) and had fun laughing at the crazy dog running around loving the snow and chasing snowballs :P

Grandpa Tom made fagita's for dinner, which did not go over well, I guess it was to spicy...she screamed bloody murder when she got the chicken in her mouth, but she loved the peanut butter picnic cake I made her. And she was really into unwrapping her gifts....very slow but into it. She would tear off a small piece of paper and then hand it to me hehee.

A slide show of her first year:

Here are some pics from the day (more to come when I get pictures from the inlaws, my big camera was a pain to lug out while snowshoeing)

Waiting for everyone to get their gear!

Hanging out on the snow, what a poser hehee
Not so happy about the chicken fagita's
Cooling down with some peanut butter picnic cake
taking her time to unwrap her giftsWell she is one, a toddler and full of the toddler mischief, tantrums and independence...I swear a switch went off in her brain this week....lordy you are her enemy if you try to help her with something, but she also fa-reaks when something is not going her way....examples of such things that happened today
Example 1:
She put something into her highchair that was too big to pull through the leg hole, she screamed like she was being tortured because she couldn't figure out to pull it back the way she originally got it in there.

Example 2:
She was trying to put her shirt on, clearly she is not that clever yet..but she does know it goes over her. She kept putting it ON her head and would smile so proud, Daddy offered to help and she would yell at him rip the shirt out his hands, and throw it around and put it back on her head. When he did get it over her head she would curl away from him, CRY, like the works, tears pouring down and yank at the shirt and as soon as she got it off her head, she would stop and smile, so proud she did it on her own....what a little freak. But I love her ;)

Highlight of today:
She was in the same diaper ALL DAY, she held a pee for our half hour walk with Emi this morning, and then also woke up after a 2.5 hour nap DRY, and peed and pooped on the toilet when I brought her to the bathroom after waking....the evening was not as successful, I guess I got lazy and busy making dinner and dealing with a whiny pants (teething) and missed her pee cues, so that diaper got pee in it by bath time...but oh well, I'm happy with the success we had!

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Sarah said...

What a little gremlin! Happy bday princess S!
Welcome to toddlerhood Callista. They're little people now!