Sunday, March 21, 2010

You know your a mom when!!!

Obviously I knew I was a mom the minute her little, well uhm big body, pushed it's way through my va-jay-jay, and I held her in my arms. But every so often I have these moments, sort of like a light bulb BING you're a mom....or I guess you're a mom to a TODDLER.

Some recent ones:

-when you go to put your boots on, are grossed out by something in it (my first thought, it was a giant bug) and you cautiously investigate to find LITTLE PEOPLE

-you have a miniature person stuck to your legs, hugging you with all her strength while plowing her head into your crotch or bum while you....blowdry your hair, saute dinner, make breakfast etc. And you look down, she looks up with love, and at that moment you know what true love feels like. Hmm yet again true love is putting pressure on my crotch, just like she did for 9 months ;)

-you see your LO pull off her socks, you get frustrated that she is ripping them off, AGAIN, but then she uses them to "wash" the glass kitchen doors....I guess she see's me constantly wiping up her kiss and booger marks. Hmm guess I need to be doing more housework infront her to get some extra help.

-you get excited over poops in the toilet!

-you go to bed singing abby's flying fairy school theme song, and wake up with it in your head....even though your daughter pays NO attention to the show, it's forever burned in your memory...oh damn now I'm singing it again!

-when at a restaurant with the nugget I order something, that she can share...while daddy constantly get's away with non Skyla friendly meals...hmm something needs to be done about that ;)

-when she insists sitting on YOUR lap for a story, while also insisting on a new book every 4 seconds hehee, and stops half way through, twists her head and reaches up for a kiss.

-when you watch her imitate being a mom to her babies!

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