Friday, January 1, 2010

Stick to it!

I don't always make such grand resolutions, because I am so bad at sticking to a plan. But this year I have a major dire need to stick to it, and LOT'S of amibition/reason.

Care to hear my new years resolutions? Yes plural!

1 - stop swearing so much
Skyla has really taken to imitating familar phrases...such as peek-a-boo, good girl, and thank you. No one would understand her when she repeats me or Gramma, but it's always the same "word" for each phrase so she is definitely trying....uhm hello kid, don't you know MOMMY, is suppose to be one of your first words ;) hehee. She only says "muuuum" when whining ha. This rule applies to James and my sister as well, since they are around her every freaking day :P

2 - Eat healthy lunches
Or a lunch in general. I tend to skip it, and snack through out the day, grabbing a handful of this or that, and not usually "healthy options" not super bad either, just not well rounded. And then come dinner I eat enough for 3 people.

3 - Loose 10-15 lbs.
I'm sure I will get flagged for this from friends and family. But I stepped on the scale the other day and I am 5 lbs heavier than I was a few months ago...and I still had 10 pregnancy lbs to loose. So that makes 15 lbs heavier then pre-preg. I'm very giggly, and rolly on the tummy, and my thighs...yikes. I want to feel good about my body and be proud of it. Plus I will soon have a toddler to chase after...I need my cardio in check ;) and I DO NOT want to get pregnant again before I feel better about my shape, but I want to expand our family. So that is a huge motivation there :D

4 - Be nicer to James
I tend to loose my patience with him at the end of the day. In my defense (a bit) he does purposely push on my buttons sometimes, or do things to purposely bug me (and he knows that and is working on it as his resolution) I'm exhausted by the time he drags his butt home from work, and have very few patience left. I know it's not an excuse, which is why I want to be nicer, less sarcastic and enjoy those evening kisses a little longer :) I love him so much and do NOT want to become a couple with "an elephant in the room"

5 - Walk Emi EVERY DAY, my poor dog has been deprived since Skyla came, and mat leave started. She used to get three 30-60 minute walks a day. And she used to get much more socializing, by coming on some of my dog walks for work, and neighborhood dogs, shiba meetups and dog playdates. We have moved away from our neighborhood and dog park she once knew, her friends have moved, a baby entered our pack and a tired mom has struggled with those morning walks. Emi, I promise you more walks, and at least one playdate a month!

Well duty calls in the form of cleaning!

Happy New Year!!! I hope you are excited for 2010 as I am.

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