Friday, January 15, 2010

**Pure Awesomeness**

Pure Awesomeness

For dinner tonight (on a whim, and craving) we had a family favorite...something we haven't had in awhile. Tacos, with my homemade shells (well mom's recipe, I can't take full credit)

As most know we have been following "Baby Led Weaning" as our philospophy with feeding Skyla. So she eats what we eat, if we eat out somewhere that I don't feel she should have (yet) like MacDonalds ;) I bring a healthier meal for her. That being said, she did get a MacDonald's pancake for breakfast today (along with 2 kiwi's)

The last time she had taco's, I just plopped the fillings on her tray and a soft shell beside it, she could pick and choose what she wanted to taste and play with. Tonight Skyla was getting a bit impatient with the making of dinner, so I got her into her highchair, gave her half a homemade taco shell with some refried beans in it, folded it in half to make a "bean quesadilla", I turned around to check on the shell I was cooking, looked back at her and she had managed to roll it into an actual taco/burrito shape (guess it was from how she grabbed it) that was probably the cutest thing I had ever seen. My 10 month old was eating a taco, rolled up like a stogey and chowing down (with her one half tooth) AWESOME. So for her second serving. I took the other half of the soft shell, slapped in some beans, guacomole, seasoned chicken and cheese, and rolled it up into a taco shape. Put the taco on her tray, and again, no problems no falling apart, she picked it up and went to town, eating it just the way you or I would.

I was so impressed I couldn't take my eyes off her...which meant I ate most of my tacos on the colder side hehee.

Skyla you just amaze me, with your walking and following me from room to room, your sarcastic laugh...that always seems so perfectly time to a bad joke (she laughs before anyone else, and with us ha) your eating skills. I feel like you are so grown up a tiny little body (with hardly any hair on your head) like a teenager stuck inside a small body hahaa.

Taco #1 Open Wide

Taco #1 Nom Nom Nom
Taco #2 Going in for bite
Taco #2 DelishAnd I got to say, it was not messy, there was no need for immediate plunking into a tub (and she ate NAKED, we are without a washing machine right now, and she is very low on her cloth diapers and I refuse to pay for disposables they aren't cheap! So she sat naked in her highchair on a "burp cloth" pretty sure they are actually flatfold style diapers) there were no bits of food where they should be ;) ha

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Sarah said...

way to go Skyla! She amazes me. :)