Friday, December 25, 2009

xo Merry Kiss-Much xo

My mother in law, always says this, and I think it's pretty I have started.

When I was pregnant I would try to write at least once a month, to baby Ziggy, to I guess remember what had happened that month. I thought Baby Ziggy (Skyla) would like to read it one day down the road. Now that she is here, I use this "Baby Time, a fast, fun keepsake album" journal
My girlfriend gave it to me as a Christmas present last year (ironic that I am talking about it now) and I LOVE it, I am always wanting to find another copy (or 4) to keep tucked away for future children, and for baby shower gifts. It's fantastic, the pages are just super organized and easy to write in. The first 20+ pages are for writing facts about the month or whatever. And then the back half is more for pictures, foods (reactions, dates tried etc) dates of walking/crawling etc, first words, teeth (with pictures where you fill in which tooth and the date - super cute! Anyhoo, highly recommend it, and if you click the link click on "look inside book" to see sample pages.

However I do try to remember to occassionally do a full on journal entry addressed to Skyla, like my last post. And I like the idea of doing them here as case something happens to the file on the computer. So my early new years resolution is to try and write her more entries, and get rid of this gut I have going on.

Back to Christmas!

What a wonderful day, Skyla was to interested in ripping the paper off her presents, even when helping her or letting things/noises peek out. Except for when he had 2, yep 2, babies being unwrapped, she was banging on the boxes wanting to get the babies out. She loves her dolls (a sign she wants us to have a baby? Hahaa A girl can dream) She loves her present from Santa, the fisher price laugh and learn fact I really want to pick up the living room second hand so one can hang out in the kitchen while I cook, totally has her entertained. And I feel like it's a toy that has news, lights and made of plastic that she may actually learn from...not just noise, and junk KWIM?

She only had ONE nap today, I am really hoping she is ready to be on a one nap schedule, just hoping it will be a LONG one. It was for 1.5 hours, so not to bad, but could have been longer ;) howevre she was not grumpy come bed time so maybe that nap was perfect! Skyla at all her meals (3 today) like a champ, loved dinner until she got ahold of her sippy. She is obsessed with water and could drink her water all day, which I don't like since she is just filling up on NOTHING, and probably the reason she has not been sleeping as well the past couple nights and needing to nurse (I'm E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D...again) so once I took the water away she had a bit of tantrum....lord help me when she is a tantrum-ing toddler hehee. She was happy as always, and for the first time in a loooooong time, she fell asleep while nursing, and stayed asleep. I love those moments and I don't want to unlatch her, it's like newborn days all over again and just fills me with this love or maybe emotion of....hmmm satisfaction, peace, comfort, ahhhhh/sigh :D and she STAYED asleep to be transferred to Gramma's arms, and seeing her asleep in her gramma's arms, boy let me tell you....that was beautiful! She is just SO.BUSY.SO.SO.SO.BUSY! I guess turkey, presents, jolly jumper exercise time, good company, and love tuckered her right out. Now here's hoping she stays dead asleep till 8 am (as I said, she has not been sleeping well, and I have been up late because of company here hehee)

My parents were here, my inlaws were here yesterday, so it all made Christmas that much more perfect being around our family. I'm so grateful that the my parents were able to make the trip out here, from Ontario. I love you so much Mom and Dad, and it means the world to me that you are here....even though I have been a bit cranktastic the past couple days (I blame the wonky sleep) I love having you guys here, and having our "family dinner" again :D

Last little thoughts on Christmas.

Christmas eve, Skyla took her first steps, 3 steps two times, between Nikita and I...YAY, but none today ha. That dang tooth didn't pop, I was really hoping her tooth would pop for Christmas, just to be corny (the song) and it hit me and almost made me cry, while we were doing finishing "touches" last night before bed....I'm a mom and now doing the things for Skyla that MY mom does/did for me, that I now have the "boots to fill" certain jobs to do, and traditions to make. DANG it, that reminds me we forgot to read twas the night before Christmas grrrr.

Okay I must take my turkey filled self, and get to bed, mama bear needs her sleep incase the bear cub wakes up early.

Lot's of love to all our friends and family. I hope everyone's day was as wonderful as ours.

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