Saturday, December 5, 2009

Me likes December!

To celebrate the beautiful weather that December has brought us (out with the rain in with the clear skies and crisp air!) Skyla, Emi, Daddy and Mommy bundled up and headed to North Vancouver to hike the canyon. Hoping for snow up there, so we could rent some snowshoes, but no luck! The last time we went to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, Emi was about 12 weeks old, there was about 6 feet of snow, and Emers was so light and wee that she walked ONTOP of the snow while we had to hike through the snow. The clear trail ended about 1/4 of the way, and then we were lifting our legs up high and trying to step into other peoples shoe prints/leg holes. And about 1/2 way the trail pretty much ended and we could go no further. Needless to say we couldn't make it to Norvan Falls :(. Since there was no snow, we figured it would be a breeze to finally get to the falls.

However the daylight had other plans, so we had to turn around about half way (or more) so that we would have enough light left to make it out of the trails. We hiked for about 2 hours, probably 8 kms. Next time we will head there earlier, so that we have time to get to the falls, and actually to my surprise, I wasn't tired and ready to turn around! Shocking, I know! And yay for me, I'm not sore today ***HAPPY DANCE*** Emi is exhausted though, which makes me a very proud mama, I feel so guilty that she does not get a daily walk in these days, but I have faith that we will be back to 2-3 daily walks again VERY SOON! I promise Emi. My other daughter, Skyla was a trooper, she didn't complain about being bundled up, or mama spreading vaseline over her face to attempt to protect it from wind, and she was pretty happy on daddy's back till the last 15 minutes. She even fell asleep for about 40 minutes, fresh air does the body good.

2 weeks ago I decided, that we HAD to go for a hike every week on one of James' days off, for the sake of Emi and my arse. Also because I don't want to be that family that coops themself up all winter, I want Skyla to be outside and appreciate the beauty and nature, and I want to be active together, and play together. My family always did the sledding and skating thing, actually my dad used to take care of our local outdoor rink, so there were plenty days that I would spend the entire day frozen skating around that rink with my dad perfecting it. But I myself want to be more active with hikes, snowshoeing (maybe cross country skiing and regular skiing when she gets a bit older) and keep at it all year round, teach my kids to be active and enjoy everything mother nature has to offer. Okay okay I'm coming down out of my hippy tree house! Anyhoo lastweek we were in Victoria, with no Emi, so hiking was a bust, but this week we got back from Victoria early, so the hike got squeezed in, and was enjoyed so much that we plan to hike on 2 of his days off (he is off wed-fri) Buns of steel here I come! I'm very pumped about this plan. If anyone can suggest some great hikes in the lower mainland, please feel free to leave a comment. It does not have to be stroller accessible, since we prefer to carry Skyla, it has to be dog friendly, but ON LEASH, is fine, as she cannot go offleash anyways, I just prefer it to not be 8 hours and intense terrain...eventually when I can handle that, I will attempt it ;) anyhoo I don't know of many places besides the Endowment Lands, Lighthouse Park, and Lynn Canyon, so suggestions are very welcome! And I would love places that are snowshoe friendly, but FREE...cause free is always better :D

I can't wait for a bit for a bit of snow (yeah I know I'm a weirdo) but I love being outdoors in the snow, when you are prepared...not when you are hiking across the mall parking lot in non waterproof shoes. Plus Emi adores the snow, she would play outside in it all day if she could, so she gets pretty deprived of that since it rarely snows in Vancouver city (last year being a fluke)

without further ado from James' camera of our hike
Me and my Emi, the river was so clear, just amazing!

James and Skyla, ignore his goofy double hat combo...he wouldn't listen to me when I suggested he not look like an idiot, until he saw it on the camera preview screen, pretty sure his words "why didn't you tell me I looked like an idiot?" Men! Skyla was super smiley and cute though!And she's starting to dose off.

Out cold...please don't flame this picture, it was about 10 seconds after the last and purely for photo op, I "tied" her head down so she wouldn't break her neck. We were using a loaner carrier and this one is not as high and does not have a "nap hood" so we had to improvise.
Ice Queen

Family Photo, well you can only see a wee bit of SAnd here you can see our improvising, with a blanket I packed, with this exact purpose in mind actually hahaa. It looks a bit demented, but it kept her neck a safe and her face warm, and yes she could breathe! Skyla woke up...time for another family shot...good on James for finding sturdy tree's to set the camera on and racing back to me before the timer went off.
Grumpy baby during the last 15 minutes...trying to keep her entertained and playing peek-a-boo!