Monday, August 24, 2009

My not so little nugget...

My nugget is very quickly becoming a Big Mac, or at least a quarter pounder. On monday I witnessed her ACTUALLY crawl, like real style, knees forward, hands reaching out...toward to the dog. She is only 5.5 months, I was not expecting this for at least 2 more months!

Tuesday, she was showing off at a picnic with other babies around her age, crawling (at turtle speed) around the blankets and ontop of the other babies hehee. Since then, it has been crazy at our house, I cannot leave the room for more than 1/2 a second, cause she is across the room, eating the cat scratching post, or dog bed....yummy hair! Pulling things down ie the laptop and camera (cords/strap hanging = bad mommy) and on tuesday when she mastered the crawl, she also decided to be a BIG girl and pull herself to as standing. I swear I almost cried, not because I was proud, but because it means, my life as I knew it and the wee bit of freedom I had left once she figured out the roll, is gone. Heck, she might as well be walking.

So now she is crawling and pulling herself to a stand, on the couches, ottomans, and her crib, so her mattress had to be lowered and I am terrifed she is going to go crashing and squish herself into a corner of the crib.

On a sidenote, I bought a second hand freestanding Jolly Jumper off craigslist for a whole $25 best thing ever. She has been a bit irritated with her jumperoo lately, to many colors and lights and music maybe? One can hope she has a simple easy to please child that boo's the bright flashy toys of today's society. Anyhoo the Jolly Jumper is straight up AWESOME. It is my sanity saver, my go to when she gets grumpy, and my 15 minute tea/blog/facebook break hahaa. Skyla just loves jumping in it, I think she enjoys the freedom she might feel confined in her jumperoo, and probably feels like she is actually standing, and it has much better bounce then the other one.

Another part of her big girl days, since we had to lower the crib we decided to take it apart and move it to her room. Well the past 2 nights she has spent the majority of the night in bed with us, whether or not it's because she has to I don't know. Mostly I think it's just me being lazy and falling asleep with her in my room while nursing, rather than nursing her in her room. Ha!

I don't think Daddy James feels like she is old enough yet though, and I don't think he is totally ready for it either (which surprised me!). I had no problems with her sleeping in our room in her crib, it was easy and convenient. The only downside really was when I had laundry that needed to be put away, I never had time to do it, until she was napping and would not risk waking her, so laundry was always getting shoved into a messy pile in the closet. So we will see if it sticks :P

I can't believe how quickly she is growing up, how fast she changes, and how eager she is to learn something new. I love my little Skyla, and love that she is now a little person, with a personality, who smiles at her mommy and daddy, webcams with her grandparents, talks to the animals. She hugs me and needs me for than just boob juice, she has started reaching out for me which just melts my heart...and has even started to understand "kisses" least I think so. Can you tell it's a mushy day hehee.


Sarah said...

The Jolly Jumper IS thes best thing ever, period!
Mushy days are always allowed, expecially when punctuated with sloppy wet Skyla kisses

Callista said...

very sloppy Sarah, I get grossed out by them sometimes ;) but mostly I love them ha! She is definitly in the jumper longer than the recommended 15 minutes...she just loves it!

Sarah said...

Shoot, they only reccomend 15 minutes? Well...dont tell the yukon social services that abby's been in there for an hour at a time...on a frequent basis!