Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear Hubby...

Since I am a practical kind-a-gal, and really do not need random stuff, and am in dire need of ME stuff, but can't justify splurging on myself these days, I thought I would give you a headsup/hint at some things you could get me for my birthday (around the corner...the 24th...remember?! hehee) or even for Happy September you are an awesome mom day. Halloween? Our Anniversary, Merry Early Christmas, and It's real christmas presents....yes the list is "that" long.

I do not expect them all, and really don't want you spending money on me either (right now) but incase you happen to stumble across this (I may or may not leave it open for you to accidentally see ;) hehee) and are stumped as to what to get me...any one of these items would be heaven on earth.

-Rehab Shampoo
-Hybrid Shampoo Bar
-Veganese Conditioner
our daughter has taken quite the toll on my lovely locks, and my hair is in need of repair from my favorite hair products!

My face is also ungodly right now hahaa.
-Fresh Farmacy face cleanser
-Sweet Japanese Girl - which is being discontinued :( I will be stocking up for sure!
-A face cream either imperialis, ultralight, or Enzymion
-Mask of Magniminty

I love all Lush stuff, so you know I would be happy with anything from there :D

I would also adore a 2nd Mommy Necklace
I have been drooling over these 2 collections

and I think I prefer the mod flat rock, because of the 24 inch length. I like locked donut as well, but I am not sure if it will be a bit short...but either style or color would be greatly appreciated.

A date night would also be fab-tab-u-lous, but with Nikita being away, I suppose that can wait till Septembers "you're the most amazing mom and wife" holiday, hehee.

Did I mention how much I love you...ALOT, like alot, alot. More than a fat kid loves cakes, more than bee's like steak on the BBQ, more than flies adored shiza.

Don't worry I won't forget about, "you are the most wonderful husband and caring father I know" day :D

Love you!

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