Monday, July 13, 2009

Holy Canoly

It has been quite the whirlwind and I am kicking my ass now for not updating more frequently. I wanted to use this to look back and remember Skyla's first year, thankfully I have a memory book that is easy to jot it all down in.

So Skyla and I went to ontario in June to visit my parents, Tom and Heather (my inlaws) were also visiting Toronto area, so they stole Skyla and I a few times to show off their granddaughter to a few friends and family :D My little girl did really well with all the travel, she was a superstar on the plane, and did so well with long days of trekking around. Then the Presnail's joined us in Vancouver and spent a couple weeks in it's been a busy couple weeks with family. I loved every minute of it, and miss our family so much :(

I think I already mentioned that she learned to roll early June, she is no rolling towards both sides, took her about a month to figure out to roll to her right as well haha. She is also now rolling back to her, pivoting around and inch worm crawling. She is NEVER where I last left her (in her crib or on her blanket on the floor, she moves so much its crazy. Actually she is crazy strong, I think she has been sneaking spinach behind my back...either that or my breast milk is crazy iron rich ;) hahahaa. Yoga is her fortay, she can hold herself in a modified cat position (sort of frogged leg and chest off the ground on her elbows, she has also shown me the downward facing down, and can do the plank position no problem.

Emi is her best friend, she follows her as much as her head and body will allow...I am sure that Emi is the reason Skyla is "commando crawling" she will be chasing her in no time hehee. Today Skyla was full on laughing at Emi god it was hilarious. I have a couple videos to share instead of pictures!

And we also went camping this week with the little Miss, and she did awesome, it was not much different camping with her than last year without her.

Well I am sure I am missing a ton of things, but on to the fun stuff...videos of my chunky monkey!

This is in ontario playing peek-a-boo with Gramma

She was having a cranky morning, but Gramma cheered her up with some Bob Marley...every time this song played she would "sing along"

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