Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ambleside Beach

On sunday I met with my friend Jen and her sheebs Koshi, and Alissa and her family with Pan Pan. We went to Ambleside dog beach in West Vancouver, Emi had a great 3.5 hours of running and chasing anyone who was willing to join her :D

Emi loves to play with big dogs, the bigger the better, she was trying to get in on the fun with this leonberger and yellow lab
One of these things is not like the other...Cotton, Koshi and Pan Pan
The 3 amigo's Koshi, Panny and Emi
Doing what shibas do best....digging, at least its here and not my backyard...this is why she is supervised outside ha!Koshi.....Emi is that you in Giant size??? I though Shiba's hated water....apparently only bath water :D


Winnie said...

Great photos, Callista! Looks like so much fun.

Henry and Chad said...

The beach looks SO fun! Wish we had one here!