Sunday, June 29, 2008

Puppy Sitting

Dogs dogs every where. James and I have been housing Cotton, our friends pug for a few weeks now. I spent thursday night and friday day at the General Manager of James' golf courses, watching his 2 dogs (we have housesat for them before) it's always a nice little vacation to go to Steveston, and his dogs are both sweet and Emi loves the play buddies. People look at a little funny when they see us walking 3-4 very different dogs (1 yellow lab, a black lab border collie cross, a pug and a shiba)

And as of July 16th we will be housing James' parents dog Murphy (a 9year old Yorkie) for possibly up to 3 months. They are moving back to Singapore and Murph has to go into 1 month quarintine, but the facility is booked up for about 3 months. Should be interesting, we told his parents she will come to Singapore a changed dog hahaa. She is quite spoiled and terrified of everything that is not on mom's lap, and barks at everything when on mom's lap. She lived with Enzo for a year and they got to the point of chasing of each other in a friendly-ish fingers crossed we are all a big happy family soon.

Ooooh very exciting news James bought me the Canon Rebel DSLR, I have not had a chance to go clicker crazy....but I am majorly in love with the sport function for taking action shots, the only downside is I can take pictures so fast that I have a ton from his baseball game the other night and can't decide which ones are the ones worth keep, its also been great for getting SHIBA ACTION shots, and tons of pictures where Emi looks like a killer attacking another dog, but its all in fun...she is quite mouthy but never mean. She has changed so much in how she plays with other dogs, she still does the annoying bark while chasing a dog that is more interested in playing fetch with their owner, than playing with her...she can't fathom why in the world they do not want to play!? Heheeheee But I noticed at our shiba meetup a few weekends ago, that when another dog is being grumpy towards her she will bark back telling them to "shut the heck up who are you barking at!" but she will back away while doing it, sort of saying "I;ll let it slide this time, but trust me you don't want to mess with me" hahahaa. Whereas a few months ago she would be way more feisty and bark back but go forward, ready for the fight that dog is asking for. I am probably making her sound super mean, but she is a very sweet dog, and likes to play with all dogs, she just prefers to be the one in charge of the situation....SHE IS A FEMALE, and let's face it guys...we rule!

Well she is ringing her bell, which means pee time and I need to get out and walk them before it gets to hot, we are finally having real summer weather wahooo.

Here are a few pictures from this week.
Enzo looking cute as ever!
Colby's new favorite spot to hang out, and lay on....weirdo this does not look comfortable!

She was using Cotton as a step-stool, but just as I went to take the picture she moved her front paws to the windowJames up to batRunning from third base, and yes those are his golf shoes....his reasoning "they have grip!"

I will post more later of the furkids :) and our weekend fun!

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