Saturday, June 21, 2008

A BIG Hello!

I decided to create this blog in hopes it will keep friends and family who live so far away more in touch or updated. My inspiration is my grandparents who I am always forgetting to email (I am so sorry!) and my inlaws who are moving back to Singapore in less than a month...I am sure we will talk to them often, but hopefully this will be a fun way to post silly things that have happened during the day or week. I have no clue how often I will post, I would love to post everyday....but let's be honest our life is not that exciting haha!

For those who are slightly out of the loop...
James and I are owned by 2 handsome cats and 1 beautiful Shiba Inu pup, she is almost 8 months old now and has been such a great puppy I would love to have more :D
For those who have not kept in touch in a very long time or have a hard time following us around with our moving
...we moved off the island to Vancouver last August. James has been working at Shaughnessy Golf Course for over a year now, and after completing his PGA players test (and getting his card wahoo) he is now able to teach which he is really enjoying. This summer he has his hands full with Jr camps, which are group teachings of young golfers (I believe age 5-10) he calls it daycare and loves hanging out with the kids. He also teaches a darling 3.5 year old girl, along with adults as well...but I think he adores the kids!

So what exactly do I do??? Dogwalker what?
I have been working with a pet service company since January. My days are spent walking dogs, driving to clients homes, and visiting a few cats whose owners are on basically my days consist of poop and scooping, and talking to customers who do not talk back hahaha. I love my job and could not imagine doing anything. You will probably find lots of dog/animal postings as my life has literally become, dog walking, poop patrol, dog parks, animal friendly places, and obedience training.

This is James holding Colby and me holding Enzo after getting home from a New Years Eve party, our pre-Emi family photo as we picked her up New Years Day

And this was taken back in April on Mount Doug in Victoria, us with our little girl Emi!

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