Monday, September 21, 2009

Girls Night!

It has been far to long since a "girls night"...the last time Skyla was only a few weeks old and I went out with my best friend and my sister, as my friend was moving back to Ontario. I left right around bedtime for Skyla and was home in a couple hours, so I hardly call that a night off duty...she was asleep the whole time I was gone.

Tomorrow I am headed out for dinner and a bellini or two (or perhaps a margarita, since we are going for mexican...mmmmm salt, lime, tequila, maybe I should take James up on his offer to drive me) with 2 of my mommy friends. We don't get away from our mommy duties often enough, well at least not me. So we have vowed to make it a monthly thing, maybe we will be more brave after tomorrow night, and making it a bi-weekly event.

James is all by himself tomorrow and I am not at all nervous, actually I secretly (well not so secretly anymore) hope she has a meltdown...even though I know he won't admit to it, or text me in a panic...the way I do haha. However I am sure it will go super smoothly with her just a bit cranky when she is saying "okay daddy it's time for bed!" but she will chug her bottle, crash and probably sleep through the night. And I will get the "it was so easy" speech. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, he is beyond wonderful at being a daddy and the most patient person I know. He appreciates me being home with Skyla, and he knows it is not always easy, even with an "easy baby" But I just want for him to experience for one day (or a week) what it is like to be a mommy, a food machine, a maid, a laundry mat attendant, a dog walker, a cook, a poop picker upper, a poopy bum wiper and cloth diaper toilet dunker, a wife, friend, sister, daughter, grocery shopper, meal planner, clothing organizing stacking planning food producing shopping cleaning maniac hahaa. I guess I feel like no matter how many thanks I get, he will never quite understand. On the plus side, he has started to pick up after Skyla when she is down for the night (cleaning up her toys, so the living room is adult friendly) so I guess constant asking and reminding that x y z needs to get done to keep me sane, works. Some might call it nagging, but I call it marriage, working together and helping out. Next plan of attack, after a dinner I cook, you clean...and that does not mean putting away leftovers and stacking the counter neatly so I have dishes to do in the morning ;) it also means when you clear the table it needs to get wiped down too hehee. Men are funny creatures.

Onto Skyla business....she is sitting up so well now, she has been sitting for a couple weeks now, but finally she is sitting up STRAIGHT, like her friends do. I was thinking she was doomed for bad posture like her mama, but she is perky now YAY! No walking yet, thank god. I might invest in some leaded clothing to weigh her down, since she has been standing since the day she started crawling (woe is me!) She gets food every couple days now too, whole food, we are not going the pureed food and cereal route. She mostly just plays with it, and finger paints the table with the pieces she mushes around. But that is what food should be about right now, playing with, figuring it out exploring taste, feel, texture, smell, and how to hold things and aim for your mouth (not that I have anything against purees, this is just super easy and laidback with no pressure, right up my alley!) Tonight she had chicken, brocolli and some garlic mash potatoes. I don't think she ate anything, well maybe a few tiny pieces of chicken, she managed to bite off a GIANT chunk with her gums (super tender chicken I guess) and just smiled at me blowing spit bubbles with her mouth so full of chicken!

She has also tried:
hummus, pita, babaganoush, cucumber, carrot, sweet potato, avocado, celery, toast with applesauce, shredded cheese, navy and black beans, pear, rice, a few spoonfuls of soup, and banana.

She is also totally in love with her sippy cup and prefers cold water.

Here she is sporting a new outfit from a friend, she looks so grown up, I can't believe she is big enough to be wearing "little girl outfits" and not just yoga pants and a onesie, or romper type of outfits. So cute :)

And making out with the cup! seriously she chugs it back like this all the time!
Well that's all folks,

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